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Utonium = the single man

That's Professor Utonium to the unkeen. Of Powerpuff Girls.

Happy belated Father's Day weekend to meh. Went to OK on Friday, and had a swimmingly good time with The Squid. There was a slight rain/drizzle most of early Saturday, but that didn't really stop of from playing 'smack the birdie.' Better known to many as badmitton. We played a lot of that. And some volleyball. Hard for me to really get into the vollyball action when you're playing on grass, and with a 6' net, and not using a real volleyball. But it was all in the interest of fun.
And we threw some horseshoes. Im firmly of the opinion that you could make a nice drinking game from horseshoes. Score a point, the other team takes a drink. Make a ringer, the other team takes a shot.
Then some more smack the birdie.

Sunday, Ninsi and I drove home. I think we made about 5 stops from the time we left Tulsa until we arrived back home in Dallas. We weren't in a huge hurry though. Just trying to get back before dark, which did just did. Only got to visit one of my brothers. He had been noodling early in the weekend. Caught himself a 38 and a 40 lb flathead catfish. I may post some pictures of that if he gets them developed and I can get ahold of a copy. For those not in the know... noodling involves wading into the water and stucking your hand/arm into holes where catfish may be so that the catfish can bite your hand, thinking it's food. Then you wrestle the cat out and take it home for dinner.

Cleaned a little once we got home. And I've come to the conclusion that I need to learn to frame stuff myself. I have two things at the house right now that are of a non-standard size that I would like to get matted and framed. One of them probably wouldn't cost to much to get done, but the other one would be over $150. I have to think that if I knew what I was doing, I could do it for a whole lot less. So, if anyone has any knowledge on do-it-yourself framing, I'm all ears.

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If you're curious just type noodling into a google or yahoo search, there's tons o' pics and info out there.
I've already informed phlome that if he accepts his brother's invitation to join him next time, that I want no knowledger or evidence of him doing so.

You can get things framed really well and for supercheap in border towns like Piedras Negras and Nuevo Laredo and Matamoros.

Not driving to mexico for framing needs.


You can cut the mat yourself, so that it fits into the size frame you want. Hobby lobby sells do it yourself sections of frames that fit together, you just have to buy the correct number of pieces to size it correctly. Or just buy a frame already made to fit your size. For bigger framing needs, the sections are good. Of course plexi is cheap to get cut.

I actually went by Hobby Lobby on the way home to check their stuff out. The only do it yourself frame stuff they have is metal. Which means you have to want to frame it those metal rod sizes. They will make a custom wood frame for you, and let you do the rest yourself, but just the wood frame for the two sizes I asked about was $114 and $170.

Next stop, Home Depot maybe. Or see if the metal do it yourself frames will work for me.


I LOOOOOOVE Badmitton! Yup, that's my thought for the day!

From everything I've heard so far, noodling sounds really disturbing. Even if it were only an activity that a nuetral elf bard would perform within some online world for food and energy, I would have to abstain from noodling. Something about the name of the sport upsets my sensibilities.


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