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Where are the giggles?

C'mon people, there's not near enough pointing and giggling at Jessy. Her site is down (well, she can't post), AND she's pregnant. What would be funnier?

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you recieveing a thump in the head by everyone in the blog - now that would be giggle-worthy!


I think the fix-it progress is now stalled. Whatever is wrong should not have taken this long to fix.


so remember how you said they'd fix it or just quit? yeah they just quit. suggested I check my perl. riiiight. also there COULD be a permission wacky somewhere, and good luck on me finding that particular permission.

*crazy person laughter*


I didn't mean it though. I didn't expect them to just quit. Fuckers. I'm sure it's a permission problem, that they changed.

I'll try to take a look at it later for you and see if I can find anything though.


If I knew what file to even look at I'm sure I could figure it out. Why couldn't they even tell me that?? There can't be that many files to be associated with this particular problem.

Harry Potter was good though. The audience was annoying and surprisingly it wasn't the children doing the annoying. It was their parents and the surprising number of fat geek men in the audience. What the hell is that about?


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