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Woman math

So, my very lovely girlfriend says in the course of our conversation...

her: "And October is more likely to have a Friday the 13th."
me: "What? That makes absolutely no sense. At all."
her: "Yes it does. Because July and August both have 31 days."
me: "And what? 31 backwards is 13?"
her: "no"
me: "Yes it is, but it still makes no sense."
her: "Yes it does, you just don't understand."

And she's right. I dont. I'm pleading, nay, I'm begging for anyone to explain why October should have a better chance of having a Friday the 13th. Because it's got Halloween? If you can explain it tell me also how it is a factor of July and August having 31 days each, I might have to buy you a taco.

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We also are more likely to get an extra week (and pay day) in October, and there are more full moons in October.


i was born on friday the 13th..... in OCTOBER. :)


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