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July 1, 2004

Electric Bugaloo

Spiderman II is excellent. Nuff said.

Harkening back a few weeks ago, Ninsi, Zero, and myself went to A-Kon. A comic convention here in Dallas. I dont know exactly how much of it was related. There was one girl in particular that Ninsi and I noticed because of her shoes. They were stripper shoes that lit up like those light up Reeboks you see on kids. Ninsi thought they were pretty cool, so I asked her where she got them;

"Oh, this online store called the Electric Boutique."

Obviously, she wasn't a local, or she would know we have that store just a couple miles from the house. Flash forward to lunch. I'm reading the Dallas Observer (a free weekly publication) and it's telling of the SMU student that placed 2nd at the World Series of Poker. It mentions his girlfriend a few times, never in the detail that it does his mom though. The most we learn of the g/f is that she went to Vegas with him too, "she lost her job as a manager at the Electric Boutique over it"

I have no real commentary on this. It's a 'do with it as you will' kind of thing. Electric Boutique may be the coolest store in the world, and someday, I'll probably take Ninsi and we'll find out. Until then though, I will continue to perceive it as a place for just stipper clothes.

July 2, 2004

because i have to

Not much to say today. So, it will be brief.

Heard from Bunny last night: "I will eat anyone's stuff."
Ninsi today: "Im going to try to stay sober til at least 5 o'clock."

Donut's new official nickname is "Man-ass".

Though Im sure it won't come near Dallas, this would be cool to see. It uses real bodies, which offends the spirituality of some. And though not in the bible belt, Dallas is close enough to it that all the cool stuff stays well away.

July 6, 2004

Edd = Brains

Fourth of July weekend is past. The Squid is in Dallas now. I dropped her off at the summer camp place this morning where she will be spending her time while I am at work. There are two other kids there, one boy and one girl, that have the same short-form of name. I think it is time she starts to go by her middle name. Although not unique, Im sure, it is more than a little uncommon. The short form would be a little more common since it would be short for several other names as well, but it would still be a lot less than her apparently 'trendy 10 years ago' first name.

Jessy, this is for you: If you use a list of baby names for your child because you can't think of your own, go to near the bottom of the list for your choice, because to many people will take the names on the top ten and you fish will have the same name as about every 20th person they meet. Boy or girl.

I am going to bring her up to work with me one afternoon. It seems like every time I go back to OK now, she chastises me for not telling her that we make her latest favorite cartoon here. So, she can come to work and watch a recording session or something. Maybe even see if there is a line she can read for something.

Otherwise, busy week at work. No time today for elucidation or pontification.


Ninsi and I are going to try out for this. I think we can beat this time...

July 7, 2004

Rocks are cool

Yesterday was The Squid's first day at summer camp. It involved a field trip to the museum in Ft Worth. Tomorrow is supposed to be Putt Putt, but I think she may be skipping that one to go to the planetarium with dad. I gave her a $5 bill yesterday morning, telling her it was just in case of emergency. No candy or toy or anything. Just lunch or something if hers got lost or stolen. First thing she tells me when I pick her up is "I still have $2 left, but I didn't buy any candy." Okay. Instead, while at the museum, she had bought a rock. And a rock for her new friend. And a rock for her dad, which she managed to lose before I picked her up. Oh well. At least she spent it on something vaguely educational, right?

And is anyone else but me waiting for something really kick ass to come streaming back from Cassini?


My new favorite link
JPL Space Calendar.

There's irony too. I have friends that are planning to eventually move to Johnson City, TN, and being that it is what it is, I have laughed about that. Now, to my chagrin, I see that there is a workshop there this week that I would really like to attend. le sigh.

July 8, 2004

I wanna go soooo bad

Yes, Im a geek. I know.
And that's why I really really want to go to THIS Plane tickets to Iceland are like $1300, so I've put a button up on the right to accept donations to get me there. Much appreciated.

Follow me

Neko actually has the link to this, so go there.

Wackiness: 20/100
Rationality: 26/100
Constructiveness: 30/100
Leadership: 56/100

You are an SEDL--Sober Emotional Destructive Leader. This makes you a dictator. You prefer to control situations, and lack of control makes you physically sick. You feel have responsibility for everyone's welfare, and that you will be blamed when things go wrong. Things do go wrong, and you take it harder than you should.

You rely on the validation and support of others, but you have a secret distrust for people and distaste for their habits and weaknesses that make you keep your distance from them. This makes you very difficult to be with romantically. Still, a level-headed peacemaker can keep you balanced.

Despite your fierce temper and general hot-bloodedness, you have a soft spot for animals and a surprising passion for the arts. Sometimes you would almost rather live by your wits in the wilderness somewhere, if you could bring your books and your sketchbook.

You also have a strange, undeniable sexiness to you. You may go insane.


That's the quiz results. I think it means I need to find some followers. Maybe some of the SEDF (evil genuises), SRDF (fountain of knowledge) and a WEDL (anarchist). I think that would get me started on the path to World Domination. I do have a Gmail account now, so that phase is already complete.

And yes, I am that sexy.

July 9, 2004

What day is it?

I brought the Squid back to work with me today after lunch. She is in one of the studios now while they do some recording for a new series. Nothing I've heard of before today. Anyway, at least two other people also brought their daughters in today. A little odd I thought, since it's not something people do here normally.

She seems happy though, she's got her Kyo hat and plenty to do, so back to work for me.

July 12, 2004

Looks can be deceiving

Weekend with the Squid is complete. I think it went fairly well. She got to stay up really late, and swim a lot, so I think she was pretty pleased. She did managed to somehow sprain or twist her thumb last night while we were bowling. I've looked it over, and have made the fatherly estimation that it is not to serious, and will be just fine in a couple days. Nothing worth keeping her away from the park tomorrow.

My younger brother is getting married in September. The Squid is going to be part of the ceremony. Yesterday, we went looking for a dress for her, and her cousin. It's very difficult to find the right kind of dress in the proper colors at this time of year. And when we did find one, we couldn't find another that would fit the cousin. When we found both, they were a little to expensive. So, I'm not exactly sure what we'll be doing about that yet. The Bride should probably be at least finding the dresses anyway. We're only vaguely aware of what she wants.

We did take a small break yesterday at the mall to eat some ice cream. While we were sitting there, I did notice the guy sitting at the table next to us. No big deal, because I also noticed the girls sitting at one of the other tables next to us. As we were leaving the mall, however, I saw this guy again in Norstrom's. He works there, it seems. And as we walk by, he asks me "How often do you hear you look like Troy Aikman?"

Too often.

July 16, 2004


Im being berated for not posting.
Nothing is going on, though. Meeting with the boss and whole team this morning. It wasn't nearly as bad as I was expecting it to be. I think the boss managed to calm down between the bad stuff all happening earlier this week, and getting to work today.

The Squid is spending the day with Bunny. That's probably been a surreal time for all involved. It's her last weekend in Dallas, and Ninsi and I may be driving over to Shreveport to meet my parents and make the handoff. The Squid is staying with them for the next week before going back to her mom. We may go over tomorrow, maybe Sunday. Dunno yet. Kinda depends on what there may or may not be for the young un to do while I gamble.

Went to lunch today at a new place that I've been looking at for a while. It's called 'Southern Tenders.' Lot of food. Pretty good. All they do is chicken and catfish. And a lot of side items. It won't go into my normal rotation of lunch, but it will probably be someplace I eat at least once a month or so now.

To much work to do still. Blogstapo be damned.

July 19, 2004

Cyborg = The Hunk

If your not understanding the title once a week, refer here.

It's a new week. The Squid is back in Oklahoma. I'm pretty sure she had a good time while she was here. Ninsi and I drove to Shreveport late Saturday and met my mother there since the young un was going home with my mom to spend a week with her before returning to Dewey. Mom also gave us some money to gamble with, so it was a pretty decent trip. Didn't win anything, but didn't lose any of my own either, so it was not bad at all. May try to go again around New Year's Eve.

Here's the new thing to do in Florida - Meaty.

I had a great deal more stuff to mention today, random stuff I thought of over the weekend. Not much comes to mind though right now. So I think I'll just leave it with the call out for a new girlfriend. Mine does not want to go on a cruise to Alaska. Keeps complaining that it would be too cold, "The Carribbean is nice and warm," she says. I want to go on an Alaskan cruise, and I'm afraid if Ninsi goes, she'll play the Ice Queen the whole time.

Things that are harder than they should be

So, Saturday, The Squid, Ninsi, and I all hopped a train in Irving and took it to downtown Dallas. It was mainly for the novelty of the train ride, and a random way to spend the day. Anyway, I purchased three passes for the train, at $2.50 each. All I had was a $20 bill, and the token machine made change with $1 coins. A mix of Susan B. Anthony's and the Sacajawea gold coin. I'd never seen the Sacajawea before, but vaguely remembered it being introduced. I gave a couple to The Squid as a souvenir, and pocketed the rest. Being as they really aren't anything special, I spent most of the rest.

I decided that it would be fun, though, the next time we play poker, to buy in with just the Sacajawea coins. I figured a quick stop at the bank would net me all that I needed. My goal, 50 coins. The building I work in has a bank on the first floor, I checked it first and managed to net 20 of them. Oh well, so I need to make another stop. I didn't need to go by my bank at lunch, but figured I may as well anyway. 10 coins there. Starting to get annoyed. I though "Bank of America is huge and should have tons." Much as I personally hate BofA, I went there, and managed to secure a whopping 7 gold coins. Thereby creating a slightly greater enimity for them that before. Wells Fargo was next, where I took 13 of the 17 they had to round out my 50.

It took FOUR banks to find 50 $1 coins. Innane. Yes, I know, I could have just requested any of the banks to 'order' me $50 worth, but I never expected it to be such a pain in the ass. I may have to start using them regularly though. The government would love me. If people used the $1 coins like the fed would like, then the fed would save about $500 million a year by not having to reprint so many bills that wear out so fast.

That's my small rant for the day. Sacajawea coins are to rare, BofA still sucks moose nuts, and Alaska is a much better destination than the Bahamas.

July 20, 2004


Yesterday, my company was host to a child from the Make a Wish Foundation. I guess he is a huge Dragon Ball Z fan, and wanted to see what we have here. Lots of balloons. He met some of the voice actors and they recorded personal greetings to him in the DBZ voices. They even brought the DBZ Hummer out of storage for the occassion. By all counts, he had a good time. For those of you drawn to suffering, he has a page, here.

Anyway, along with the rest, there were 100 or so helium balloons around the office in groups of 4-5. Weighted down by little bags filled with what I first thought might be candy, or sand. Today, one of the little bags was in front of my door, minus the balloons, so I opened it. It's concrete. A semi-sphere of rock. Not smooth, or polished. Definately not consumable. But a nice paperweight.

To the fuckin moon, baby

I almost forgot - today is the 35th anniversary of Eagle One landing on the moon.

July 21, 2004


It's done. Ring technology is here. Some better colors, and nicer graphics are definately in order, but the Angry one among us was getting rather impatient...





The name can be changed as soon as we come up with one that is really viable. Go to the main page, and you can add your own site. Then paste the code. Siteid can be whatever you want. All hail.

July 22, 2004


Not much to tell today. A funny monkey is pretty much the highlight.

Last night I saw something very sad. I went to KFC for dinner (vaguely ironic since that is what Neko is talking about today). As I arrived, there were 3 people standing around a dog, a German Shepard, that was laying in the grass between the KFC and the street. Irving Animal Control got there right after I did. I figured it probably didn't belong to anyone there, since not to many people would call AC on their own dog. As near as I could tell, from watching, and listening to other people, someone had hit the dog. I don't think it was any of the three standing around, but that was not readily apparent either way. I think it was a very good dog, gentle. It snapped when they tried to pick it up, but it was in prety obvious pain. The AC officer looped some rope around it's head and was able to lead the dog into his truck. Both of it's front legs were broken. One was carrying no weight at all, the other appeared broke at the ankle. The dog hobbled to the truck and jumped in by itself. It hesitated a lot before making the jump since it was going to have to land on it's front legs. But he went in. I felt so bad for the dog. They probably put it down. No one is going to pay the $3-5k it would take to get it fixed, except the owner, and they were no where to be seen.

July 26, 2004

Starfire = The Hippy

It's unseasonably cool today. The big sign that I see from my window says that it is currently 72. It was a mere 70 earlier today. It's nearly August. In Texas. That is about 30 degrees lower than it should be.

I do my best to keep my skin tone free of color. So, on those occassions that I do venture out for an extended time into the sun, a burn of sorts is almost always expected. After six hours on a river, I should, by rights, have been exceedingly crispy. Even in my inebriated state, however, I managed to apply copious amounts of sunblock to most of my skin, so that by the end, I had a few slightly pink areas that have already faded, and only burned on my thighs. I also lost my sunglasses. Which I just found that morning. So it wasn't a huge loss. I managed to be sober enough by the time we were done to drive back to Austin, and dehydrated enough that evening to not really care to go out.

I'm much better now, thanks.

I think that it is almost time to go visit a doctor. The last time I went was in 1997(?) or so. Give or take a year. I have been to a clinic a few times since then just to make sure I wasn't carrying, harboring, transmitting, or otherwise aiding and abetting nasty virii, but no actual doctor. Im going to try to find one, and schedule an appointment sometime in the next month or two. He will hopefully tell me that I'm not dead. Or on the moon.

July 27, 2004


Im taking the cheap way out of blogging today. Posting pictures.
Tubing down the Guadalupe pictures.

July 28, 2004


If you vote "No", you must leave at least one option for a blogring name. Send a comment via the poll, and I'll read them later. If no comment, the No vote will not be counted.

New bloggers are on the horizon, it seems. I have added a link for Redhead and it seems that a blog is in the works for the Navy Doctor. Weljim and Prosper have one also, but I'll not link to them unless it seems like they will be updating. So far, they have an entry each, and nothing new that can be seen, so we'll give them a few more days.

Oh, Redhead, if you don't like the icon link pic, let me know, and I can change it. But you'll have to send me something to which to change it.

July 29, 2004


Two 'No' votes to any name will be cause for a new name poll. "Eugooguley" got two 'no' votes. Though only one of those left a suggestion. The other is grandfathered, because it was voted before the requirement of suggestion was made. Pity, too, because we had a Eugooguley mascot and everything. "Ramble" was suggested by a no-voter. It's a system. If we dont get a clear majority, then we'll take the better 3-4 and vote on them head-to-head.

July 30, 2004


Do you smell it? It's there. Wafting gently on the breeze from Miami to Seattle, New York to San Diego. A hint of pigskin leather is permeating the country. NFL Training camps across the nation are starting today. We're less than two weeks from preseason college games. The Countdown to Kickoff has officially begun. It's football season again, baby. All Hail the football. If you see my girlfriend, tell her I'll see her in February.

In other news, I shaved.

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