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Cyborg = The Hunk

If your not understanding the title once a week, refer here.

It's a new week. The Squid is back in Oklahoma. I'm pretty sure she had a good time while she was here. Ninsi and I drove to Shreveport late Saturday and met my mother there since the young un was going home with my mom to spend a week with her before returning to Dewey. Mom also gave us some money to gamble with, so it was a pretty decent trip. Didn't win anything, but didn't lose any of my own either, so it was not bad at all. May try to go again around New Year's Eve.

Here's the new thing to do in Florida - Meaty.

I had a great deal more stuff to mention today, random stuff I thought of over the weekend. Not much comes to mind though right now. So I think I'll just leave it with the call out for a new girlfriend. Mine does not want to go on a cruise to Alaska. Keeps complaining that it would be too cold, "The Carribbean is nice and warm," she says. I want to go on an Alaskan cruise, and I'm afraid if Ninsi goes, she'll play the Ice Queen the whole time.

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Damn, Alaska would rock. It wouldn't be that cold, depending on what time of the year you went, and you'd get to see some absolutely amazing stuff.

"I've stood in some mighty mouth hollow that's plum full of hush to the brim,
I've watched the big husky sun wallow in crimson and gold and grow dim,
'Til the moon set the pearly peaks gleaming, and the stars tumbled out neck and crop,
And I thought I must surely be dreamin',
With the peace of the world piled on top"

--Robert Service, The Spell of the Yukon

The Goddess in Disguise: Ninsianna is immune to such "spells of the Yukon."

and I know you're cheating on that poll.

Nope, not cheating. I put in my one vote. so Nyah.

I volunteer to be your wingman - uh, winggirl? As Alaska is home to a former paramour and lots of big, nasty, blue collar menfolk.


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