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Edd = Brains

Fourth of July weekend is past. The Squid is in Dallas now. I dropped her off at the summer camp place this morning where she will be spending her time while I am at work. There are two other kids there, one boy and one girl, that have the same short-form of name. I think it is time she starts to go by her middle name. Although not unique, Im sure, it is more than a little uncommon. The short form would be a little more common since it would be short for several other names as well, but it would still be a lot less than her apparently 'trendy 10 years ago' first name.

Jessy, this is for you: If you use a list of baby names for your child because you can't think of your own, go to near the bottom of the list for your choice, because to many people will take the names on the top ten and you fish will have the same name as about every 20th person they meet. Boy or girl.

I am going to bring her up to work with me one afternoon. It seems like every time I go back to OK now, she chastises me for not telling her that we make her latest favorite cartoon here. So, she can come to work and watch a recording session or something. Maybe even see if there is a line she can read for something.

Otherwise, busy week at work. No time today for elucidation or pontification.

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I'm not picking any trendy names, to my knowledge, but I'll definitely check into it before I saddle him with names.

Be aware of the short-form of the name, if you give the fish a multisyllabic name. Because a lot of kids just go by those. You can name him Jehovah, but if you just call him Joe, you'll get him confused with all the Joes, Josephs, Josephines, Jonahs, and Jonies.


If you were thinking of naming him Jehovah, you should probably reconsider.

Happy squid season. We're talking about taking the niecelet and nephewlets to a water park in Garland on Thursday. Still contingent on a couple of details. Would you be interested in having The Squid come along if it happens?


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