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Electric Bugaloo

Spiderman II is excellent. Nuff said.

Harkening back a few weeks ago, Ninsi, Zero, and myself went to A-Kon. A comic convention here in Dallas. I dont know exactly how much of it was related. There was one girl in particular that Ninsi and I noticed because of her shoes. They were stripper shoes that lit up like those light up Reeboks you see on kids. Ninsi thought they were pretty cool, so I asked her where she got them;

"Oh, this online store called the Electric Boutique."

Obviously, she wasn't a local, or she would know we have that store just a couple miles from the house. Flash forward to lunch. I'm reading the Dallas Observer (a free weekly publication) and it's telling of the SMU student that placed 2nd at the World Series of Poker. It mentions his girlfriend a few times, never in the detail that it does his mom though. The most we learn of the g/f is that she went to Vegas with him too, "she lost her job as a manager at the Electric Boutique over it"

I have no real commentary on this. It's a 'do with it as you will' kind of thing. Electric Boutique may be the coolest store in the world, and someday, I'll probably take Ninsi and we'll find out. Until then though, I will continue to perceive it as a place for just stipper clothes.

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Leaded snowcones and cult films - summer in the city. Eletrique Boutique is exactly what you think it is.


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