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If you vote "No", you must leave at least one option for a blogring name. Send a comment via the poll, and I'll read them later. If no comment, the No vote will not be counted.

New bloggers are on the horizon, it seems. I have added a link for Redhead and it seems that a blog is in the works for the Navy Doctor. Weljim and Prosper have one also, but I'll not link to them unless it seems like they will be updating. So far, they have an entry each, and nothing new that can be seen, so we'll give them a few more days.

Oh, Redhead, if you don't like the icon link pic, let me know, and I can change it. But you'll have to send me something to which to change it.

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any new blogring name suggestions?


Heh, is that Pipi-longstockings?

No, and Yes.


WTF is Eugooguley supposed to mean, anyway? If you're going to make up a word, you might as well make it pronouncible.

Like "foomtastincular".

I think he threw eugooguley out there as a non acronym option, and to see if others could come up with alternatives - we're trying hard for consensus.


i thought we had already come to a consensus......silly phlome....starting this giant discussion all over again.

No, There were at least two people that didn't like roar, and with the blogsphere as small as it is, that's enough to make it not a consensus.


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