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My new favorite link
JPL Space Calendar.

There's irony too. I have friends that are planning to eventually move to Johnson City, TN, and being that it is what it is, I have laughed about that. Now, to my chagrin, I see that there is a workshop there this week that I would really like to attend. le sigh.

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I want everyone to remember when it happens that I predicted it, someday FJ and Phlome are going to run off together, leaving their respective significant others.


Oh now, I'm plenty busy at the moment, but if he comes over to fix my sink, I'll speed things up a bit I'm sure (WHY WON'T MY HUSBAND FIX MY SINK?!)

Also, Phlome, you need poll comments so that I can tell you in context what I think of your latest name suggestion.

New link, all good though.


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