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Looks can be deceiving

Weekend with the Squid is complete. I think it went fairly well. She got to stay up really late, and swim a lot, so I think she was pretty pleased. She did managed to somehow sprain or twist her thumb last night while we were bowling. I've looked it over, and have made the fatherly estimation that it is not to serious, and will be just fine in a couple days. Nothing worth keeping her away from the park tomorrow.

My younger brother is getting married in September. The Squid is going to be part of the ceremony. Yesterday, we went looking for a dress for her, and her cousin. It's very difficult to find the right kind of dress in the proper colors at this time of year. And when we did find one, we couldn't find another that would fit the cousin. When we found both, they were a little to expensive. So, I'm not exactly sure what we'll be doing about that yet. The Bride should probably be at least finding the dresses anyway. We're only vaguely aware of what she wants.

We did take a small break yesterday at the mall to eat some ice cream. While we were sitting there, I did notice the guy sitting at the table next to us. No big deal, because I also noticed the girls sitting at one of the other tables next to us. As we were leaving the mall, however, I saw this guy again in Norstrom's. He works there, it seems. And as we walk by, he asks me "How often do you hear you look like Troy Aikman?"

Too often.

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i think you're only vaguely aikmen-esque. not enough to mention it, even. how strange. you're better looking than him anyway. he's got a big, wide, dopey looking face.
every time thora birch is in a new movie, i hear "you look like that girl in (ghost world/american beauty/etc." for a couple of weeks. then it dies back down to the occasional "you look like molly ringwald", even though i don't.


I still always get "you look like a Baldwin" last week in fact someone said that to me.

I don't look like anyone famous but I often look like someone you know. I don't know how many times I've heard "are you from/did you go to/did you work with..." *sigh* it's not nearly as exciting. I am very disturbed that so many people think my beau looks like Troy Aikman, when I don't see the resemblance at all.


I don't get any resemblance comments ever, but lots of times when I go into a store and I'm looking around, people ask me "do you work here...?"

nope, no one ever thinks I look like someone famous.


eric, reina says she will find the dresses in tulsa this weekend, and i dont think u look like troy aikman, but thats pretty funny...


slightly belated warning because the blogstapo forgot to post it a few days ago and wonders where blogstapotoo or blogstaporeturns were to pick up the slack...

blogstapo returns:

blogstapo returns was berreated for previously doing her duty on another blog, so thought perhaps the rest of the blogstopo had retired...but yes, it's high time you blogged mr. notival man.


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