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Yesterday, my company was host to a child from the Make a Wish Foundation. I guess he is a huge Dragon Ball Z fan, and wanted to see what we have here. Lots of balloons. He met some of the voice actors and they recorded personal greetings to him in the DBZ voices. They even brought the DBZ Hummer out of storage for the occassion. By all counts, he had a good time. For those of you drawn to suffering, he has a page, here.

Anyway, along with the rest, there were 100 or so helium balloons around the office in groups of 4-5. Weighted down by little bags filled with what I first thought might be candy, or sand. Today, one of the little bags was in front of my door, minus the balloons, so I opened it. It's concrete. A semi-sphere of rock. Not smooth, or polished. Definately not consumable. But a nice paperweight.

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i hate to be a spoil sport or sound like some kind of monster, but that's kind of a lame wish, don't you think?

Maybe he had already been to Disney, I don't know. But if you're a young boy, DBZ might be one of the coolest things you know about. When I was younger, Disney would have been cool, but there were other things I would have preferred to do if I was going to get to do anything, within reason.

Hey, TB had Barney come to his school. I think I sent you guys his Caring Bridge site, right? God, don't go there now - really bad.

Speaking of SS 2004 - depending on when he disengages from this mortal coil, which will be this week, I may have to back out of tubing.


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