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Rocks are cool

Yesterday was The Squid's first day at summer camp. It involved a field trip to the museum in Ft Worth. Tomorrow is supposed to be Putt Putt, but I think she may be skipping that one to go to the planetarium with dad. I gave her a $5 bill yesterday morning, telling her it was just in case of emergency. No candy or toy or anything. Just lunch or something if hers got lost or stolen. First thing she tells me when I pick her up is "I still have $2 left, but I didn't buy any candy." Okay. Instead, while at the museum, she had bought a rock. And a rock for her new friend. And a rock for her dad, which she managed to lose before I picked her up. Oh well. At least she spent it on something vaguely educational, right?

And is anyone else but me waiting for something really kick ass to come streaming back from Cassini?

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That's a big yes on Cassini. Why aren't there any close ups...

Offensive comment removed - phlome

I hope you understand, Bunny, exactly why I will be deleting your comment very soon...


There's not many close-ups 'cause there's really not much to see. Saturn doesn't have the cloud bands that Jupiter has, nor does Titan have anything you can see with the naked eye (it has a really thick atmosphere).

Some of the other moons might be more interesting, though.


but what about the rings... the one picture I did see, and you know which one I'm talking about I'm sure, I wasn't too impressed with for some reason. I expect too much I'm sure.


Well, the ring pictures will be better once they process them with some false color.


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