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Starfire = The Hippy

It's unseasonably cool today. The big sign that I see from my window says that it is currently 72. It was a mere 70 earlier today. It's nearly August. In Texas. That is about 30 degrees lower than it should be.

I do my best to keep my skin tone free of color. So, on those occassions that I do venture out for an extended time into the sun, a burn of sorts is almost always expected. After six hours on a river, I should, by rights, have been exceedingly crispy. Even in my inebriated state, however, I managed to apply copious amounts of sunblock to most of my skin, so that by the end, I had a few slightly pink areas that have already faded, and only burned on my thighs. I also lost my sunglasses. Which I just found that morning. So it wasn't a huge loss. I managed to be sober enough by the time we were done to drive back to Austin, and dehydrated enough that evening to not really care to go out.

I'm much better now, thanks.

I think that it is almost time to go visit a doctor. The last time I went was in 1997(?) or so. Give or take a year. I have been to a clinic a few times since then just to make sure I wasn't carrying, harboring, transmitting, or otherwise aiding and abetting nasty virii, but no actual doctor. Im going to try to find one, and schedule an appointment sometime in the next month or two. He will hopefully tell me that I'm not dead. Or on the moon.

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In my un-professional medical opinion you are neither dead or on the moon.

Oh he had better be on the moon, and with Steve too. It's his only alibi!


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