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Not much to tell today. A funny monkey is pretty much the highlight.

Last night I saw something very sad. I went to KFC for dinner (vaguely ironic since that is what Neko is talking about today). As I arrived, there were 3 people standing around a dog, a German Shepard, that was laying in the grass between the KFC and the street. Irving Animal Control got there right after I did. I figured it probably didn't belong to anyone there, since not to many people would call AC on their own dog. As near as I could tell, from watching, and listening to other people, someone had hit the dog. I don't think it was any of the three standing around, but that was not readily apparent either way. I think it was a very good dog, gentle. It snapped when they tried to pick it up, but it was in prety obvious pain. The AC officer looped some rope around it's head and was able to lead the dog into his truck. Both of it's front legs were broken. One was carrying no weight at all, the other appeared broke at the ankle. The dog hobbled to the truck and jumped in by itself. It hesitated a lot before making the jump since it was going to have to land on it's front legs. But he went in. I felt so bad for the dog. They probably put it down. No one is going to pay the $3-5k it would take to get it fixed, except the owner, and they were no where to be seen.

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Oooh! So it was a virus that triggered us evolving into the fabulous two leg walking creatures that we are today. Very ponderous.

(Ignoring the sad doggie story.)


why are there so many sad doggy stories coming out of TX...


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