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Things that are harder than they should be

So, Saturday, The Squid, Ninsi, and I all hopped a train in Irving and took it to downtown Dallas. It was mainly for the novelty of the train ride, and a random way to spend the day. Anyway, I purchased three passes for the train, at $2.50 each. All I had was a $20 bill, and the token machine made change with $1 coins. A mix of Susan B. Anthony's and the Sacajawea gold coin. I'd never seen the Sacajawea before, but vaguely remembered it being introduced. I gave a couple to The Squid as a souvenir, and pocketed the rest. Being as they really aren't anything special, I spent most of the rest.

I decided that it would be fun, though, the next time we play poker, to buy in with just the Sacajawea coins. I figured a quick stop at the bank would net me all that I needed. My goal, 50 coins. The building I work in has a bank on the first floor, I checked it first and managed to net 20 of them. Oh well, so I need to make another stop. I didn't need to go by my bank at lunch, but figured I may as well anyway. 10 coins there. Starting to get annoyed. I though "Bank of America is huge and should have tons." Much as I personally hate BofA, I went there, and managed to secure a whopping 7 gold coins. Thereby creating a slightly greater enimity for them that before. Wells Fargo was next, where I took 13 of the 17 they had to round out my 50.

It took FOUR banks to find 50 $1 coins. Innane. Yes, I know, I could have just requested any of the banks to 'order' me $50 worth, but I never expected it to be such a pain in the ass. I may have to start using them regularly though. The government would love me. If people used the $1 coins like the fed would like, then the fed would save about $500 million a year by not having to reprint so many bills that wear out so fast.

That's my small rant for the day. Sacajawea coins are to rare, BofA still sucks moose nuts, and Alaska is a much better destination than the Bahamas.

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note how much effort he puts into finding these coins - yet he would die if I asked him to spend an hour with me trying to find a pair of shoes at the mall.

That's because I kept saying 'the next one will have it,' whereas, if I go shoe shopping with you, I KNOW that I'm going to be there and bored stiff for the full time.

you think I don't go to the mall thinking, the next store will have it! I just know from experience that it will take more than one store, despite my hopes that the first store I go to will have what I want.

Um, what about skipping the cruise and just going somewhere? I think we're doing Christmas at Playa del Carmen...!


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