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August 2, 2004

Beast Boy = The Howler

There is just enough going on at work today to keep me from accpmplishing anything. More than a little annoying. Not much else about. We had a full house over the weekend. I think that is, or will be covered in better detail over at Ninsi's, or Zero's.

I dont believe I mentioned this before, but last Tuesday or so, there was some road rage on the access road near my building, and by the time it was over, (i had left for the day) there was an SUV that had entered the Ryan's restaurant next door that I see every day out my window. It didn't just hit the structure, no, it totally missed all the yard and road hazards, and went straight into the double doors on the front. All the way to its rear bumper. It was almost completely inside Ryan's. Not much in the way of injuries, three people were treated and released.
Ryan's had to close for a day or two to make repairs, and today they are putting up new letters on the big sign. I watched the two guys do it for a while. Putting letters up, taking them down. And then I saw them take out a piece of paper, look at it, then look at the sign. Turn the paper upside down, then look at the sign some more. I'm not saying they couldn't read the paper, and were just trying to make the sign look like it. Not saying that at all. One of them eventually left. There is just one guy out there now, and he's been at it a while. So far, it says "Try our all new Mexican buffy eve". I can't wait til it's finished. The 'n' in mexican is backwards too.

August 3, 2004


I went to Hobby Lobby today during my lunch outting. Looking for Plaster of Paris to use in projects for kitschy Christmas gifts for my mom. Found some cheaper than at Michaels. Probably should have also checked the Home Depot, but decided Id go with what I have. Anyway, while I was in the checkout line, there were a couple ladies in front of me, with three kids. One mom looked at her son, who was maybe 11, and leaned over, reaching towards his face and he jumped back real far. I couldn't quite hear what she said to him, it was either "Why did you jump back?" or "Did you clip your eyelashes?". Eitherway, he shouted "BECAUSE YOUR ALWAYS TOUCHING ME! I DONT LIKE IT WHEN YOU TOUCH ME! DONT TOUCH ME!" followed by uncomfortable silence from the adults. The boy kept talking though.

When they finished their purchasing, they were walking out the door, and the mom pointed to a big ceramic chef thing that is about four foot tall and has a platter in his hands. Looks not unlike Chef-boy-ardee. Short and fat, but jolly. Something some people might put in their kitchen. And she said "I really want that," to which the boy replied "Why? Because he looks like you?"

I think that is one mom that is counting the minutes til school starts back up.

August 4, 2004


Ryan's has a new Mexican buffet every Wed after 4pm. That's what their sign says now. So much for the free Buffy.

The great thing about having a window, is that I can just watch people sometimes. Right now, there is a guy with a camera in the middle of the access road. I thought he was being a human "Frogger" for a minute the way he was taking a step on and then off the road, but no cars were coming so it wasn't very exciting. He's mostly walking back and forth across it taking pictures. Counting steps now, it looks like. Im betting he's with the insurance company. Taking pics of the road itself, and then the Ryan's that was hit by the SUV. It's more fun to think that he's just a nut though, galavanting around on the road.

Zero, if you make it to Baltimore in late September, you could attend this! Though I somehow doubt you'd share my enthusiasum.


Phlomecide ring is going the way of the dodo later today. Make your peace with it and join up to the new one. I'll eventually get around to codifying the actual rules and stuff.
Phlomecide is kaput. Sign up on the new ring and get reactivated. You will have to repaste the code.

August 5, 2004

Cellar door

So Donnie Darko was on HBO last night. It started about the time we ate dinner, so I watched most of it. It wasn't complete crap, but it wasn't exactly any good either. I suppose it could have generated a cult following like it seems to now have, but Showgirls also has a cult following, and that does not make it a better movie. These kinds of followings really only seem to congregate around bad movies. Donnie Darko = bad movie. Not complete crap, as I said, but bad movie, nonetheless. And I think that is all I will say about it, or the Bunny/Chicken mafia might lynch me.

Maybe something more interesting later, because well, compared with Donnie, almost anything would be.


The mexican buffet is calling me like a siren's song...

There is a guy a work, that used to know my name. Now he calls me "Bruce."

August 6, 2004


A couple weeks back, I made mention of the SUV that drove straight into the Ryan's restaurant across the street here from work. Three people in that incident were treated and released from the N. Richland Hills hospital. One of those three people has now been given about two days left to live. The hospital missed a thing or two in their initial exam. Like a broken collarbone. And pretty severe head trauma. Oh, and the internal bleeding.

In other news, "Van Helsing" has some nice special effects and some hot women. Worth the $1.50.

August 9, 2004

The meaning of blog

Ninsi met Prosper last night for the first time. We had dinner for about two and a half hours. I would say it went well. The topic of the blog did come up at some point. Prosper has one on Blogger, but much like Weljim, there is but a single entry. The question was raised of 'Why?' as in "Why blog?". So, why do you blog?

I started the blog solely to have a more or less dynamic home page. The web space I have was mainly devoted to hosting pictures and stuff. Mission accomplished there. I try to write daily just as an exercise in consistency for myself, and to make sure that the content does not stagnate. Even if it does remain uninteresting. I do not need the validation of comments to keep going. I will type away, irregardless.

Some people start a blog because 'everyone else' has one. They may or may not ever get past the first week. Some people just like to write.

It seems to me to be a way of disseminating small bits of daily life to friends, and occassional random strangers, without going through the hassle of calling or emailing 10-20 different people. There are people that I will talk to on the phone every few months for an hour or two at a time. None of them read the blog, or have one of their own. It is not an online diary for me. Im not going to bitch someone out, or expound on my deepest hopes and fears here. That is for a utterly anonymous blog, if someone really feels the need to have others read their crap, or better yet, a simple spiral notebook.

I think for me, the whole blog thing is like sitting in a cafe with some people I know. Telling small bits of what's going on to each of us throughout the day. Other people walk in, sit around and listen to the conversation occassionally, maybe even interject a little, and then leave to their own table with people they know.

How do you see it? Why do you blog?

I think Ryan's is fucking with me now. When I got in the morning, I swear three of the seven words in the sign "now hiring bakery bread and salad help" were misspelled, or otherwise messed up. Now, they are all proper.

August 10, 2004

Raven = The Hermit

Not much going on today. Ninsi took my car from me at lunch, since it's bigger, and she needs the room for balloons. Last night, there was football on TV for the first time since February. It was the pre-season Hall of Fame Game, so it was little of importance, but it was football. It only gets better from here on out. I believe the first NFL game is the 9th of September. College will start before that. Grats to Bunny on the new job. She's been in Kato mode way to long.

It's going to be a night of painting and coloring I think. With Ninsi at her company's quarterly meeting til late this evening, and Zero out of town, I'll have the Manor all to myself. Since I hadn't planned to have so much free time, I'll just work on some projects and do some laundry. I seem to have lost all but two pair of socks, so I may have to interrogate the dog about the many missing pair.

Read the extended entry for some Beer Troubleshooting tips...

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August 11, 2004

Lethargy abounds

It's a quiet day. Everywhere. In the last two hours at work, I've received one email. That is usually enough to make me think there is something wrong with the server. But, it is working fine. No one must be having any problems today.

I read a pamphlet at lunch today. It mentioned a woman in England who has insured her face fro about $150, 000. (at a yearly cost to her of $300). It is in case she gets ugly and her husband leaves her. Although the insurance will also pay for plastic surgery if she is scarred in an accident, she got it in case her man dumps her ass. I'm not sure exactly how the 150k is supposed to fix that. To lessen the blow of the breakup? Or to get a facelift after he leaves her? Isn't it kinda a way that you could just bilk the insurance out of 150K?

man: "I'm leaving yo ugly-ass face for a new model, bitch."
woman: "No, don't do that..."
man: "Damn, you ugly. Bye."
woman: "Oh woe is me..."

Then she collects the dough, and the man comes back to her, and they run off to Monte Carlo to make good on some gambling debts. That's what I see happening, anyway.

August 12, 2004


Just a quickie since I have managed to publish today. It was a lovely day outside though. I got to see it all day long through the window. Several people inside were walking around with their jackets on because it was fucking cold in here this morning. I have a West facing window, so my office does finally manage to warm up some in the afternoon.

Zero is out of town for about the next week and a half. This means we can't take his money at poker, and it also means that Mira, the dog, will probably become a nervous wreck. She's used to him being gone for a few days at a time, but this will be quite a while for her. It'll be fine though, so long as she and Luna don't try to play the "whos the bigger bitch" game.

Poker tomorrow, and then no real plans after that until next weekend when I may or may not go to OK.

August 16, 2004


I was torn between this link, and the one about the Giant Squid in Spain, but the rabbit won, because it's funny.

Weekend was pretty good. Only had five people show up for poker tourney night, but the buy-in was a little higher, so it was still a good pot. I spent a good chunck of Saturday at work. One of my servers is being a bitch and started to crap out Friday, so I came in for about seven hours Saturday to try to fix it. I've done what I can for it, right now, but I can't give it a very good prognosis. I spent most of this morning trying to fix the little problems I didn't catch Saturday.

I told Ninsi that if I won anything Friday night, Id give her a good bit of it for a new corset for DragonCon. So that is how Sunday was spent. We couldn't find a corset that that cost less than $400 that fit well and looked good, but she did manage to find a skirt and top for about what I figured we'd spend on a corset, so I think she did alright. She almost hit the jackpot and found boots to match the new outfit, but the color was slightly off. We did our shopping at two stores for gay men, and one store for strippers. The stripper store had a ton of shoes. Go figure.

August 17, 2004

Dee Dee = the Unicorn

One of the costumes/outfits that I am wearing to DragonCon is now complete. It's not an anime character, it's not a movie character, but it may very well make people say "what the fuck?" and that is really the best that one can hope for most of the time. It's also heavier than I was expecting. I'd say more than 25 pounds. That do be the price of fashion though. And bulky. I'm not sure exactly how to get it to Atlanta. It won't precisely fit into a travel bag. Maybe a suitcase all to itself? Seems a waste.

Oh, yes, I neglected to mention my lunchtime visit to Wal-Mart yesterday. I went looking for some TV trays. The wood ones that come four to a set, with the fifth piece they all stack on for storage. Anyway, I wander around for a few minutes, and do not see them right away. So, I'm walking on a main aisle and stop a wal-mart employee as she gets to me, and ask if they have the trays.

She says: "I dont know. I dont think Ive seen any. Vaccuum cleaners are on this aisle."

And she was correct. The aisle to which we were nearest was indeed the vaccuum cleaner aisle. I dont know if this was some nefarious 'bait and switch' play on her part, or if she really couldn't comprehend that I was looking for TV trays, and not whatever happened to closest. I decided it was pointless to ask any more after that, and just told her "I'd go look". And to make sure she at least felt like she had accomplished something, I wandered down the vaccuum aisle to pretend to look.

Side note: I did eventually find the trays. Through no help from anyone at Wal-mart. I found what appeared to be the only set they had left.

August 18, 2004

Picard larps, bitch. you're in

Click the title for explanation. Picard may larp, but he doesn't have to fix busted ass servers. That's Jordi's job, and all he has to do is vacantly stare at them with cyber-eyes. I've got a busted-ass server, and no cyber-eyes, so Im fairly well fooked. My recommendation is going to be to trash this one, build up a new one, and restore everything from backups. It's a very viable plan. Much more so than it would have been six months ago, since even that short time ago our backup strategy was still rather insubstantial.

Zero has been gone for nearly a week now, but Mira seems to be doing pretty well. Maybe she is calming down in her middle years. That, or she has just resigned herself to him not coming back. It hasn't stopped her from squirrling away socks under the bed though.

August 19, 2004

Wednesday night TV blows

Last night, Ninsi and I sat down to eat dinner. Eating in the living room, we switched on the TV to watch while we ate. At 7 pm on Wednesday, there is absolutely nothing on. Hundreds of channels, nothing worth watching. Probably could have sat through some Olympics, but seen quite a bit already. We didn't even make it to the title sequence of Smallville. I gave the remote to Ninsi, and it settled on "Amish in the city" or something like that. About real Amish kids that are out experiencing the rest of the world before they go back and be all Amish the rest of their life. Apart from making me want to learn Pennslyvania Dutch, it wasn't very engrossing.

There was a study done recently. I'm not sure by whom, or where, but the overall conclusion was that women who think they are going to live longer have a higher percentage of boys. Physiologically, most people can estimate, with reasonable accuracy, how long they are going to live. Presumably the correlation is that boys are harder to raise, and take longer. Therefore, if you think you will be living longer, you can have a boy and will be alive to care for it. If you are going to die next year, have a girl, because you know, she'll be fine on her own by then. I'm sure you can find it on your own if you really care.

August 20, 2004

Finding Nemo?

I wasn't sure I would be blogging today since I'm leaving early to head up to OK for a weekend with the Squid, but I found a site with some stuff that just has to be shared. I have a link to a paypal account so that someone so inclined could give me money, thereby allowing me to attend random astronomy siminars worldwide. So far, I've got nothing. But the hope remains. In the meantime, if anyone would like to use the link to help me get one of these, that would be fine too. It has a matching sink.

Im also debating the merits of attempting to build my own hovercraft.

August 23, 2004

Courage = The Purple Knight

Today is just a continuation of last week. It would be a continuation of the weekend had I been here to work over the weekend. Fortunately, I was in Oklahoma with the Squid. Did some skating, hung out some. All in all, a good way to spend the weekend. Especially with the weather being unseasonably mild still. The way things have gone, and with it being almost September already, I think that swimming for the Summer is pretty much done. We might get one or two more days, but it needs to warm up quick if that is going to happen. Otherwise, we may as well cover the pool before any more frogs decide to make it their home.

As Ninsi mentioned, I am busy. Hoping to get to leave work on time today, and then to go home and think about how to pack everything for DragonCon in two weeks. Too much crap, too little space.

Scientists are puzzled by Jupiter. Go figure.

August 24, 2004

When it rains...

In hour 14 of copying data from the backup server to the production server, a disk fails on the backup machine. Gotta love technology...

August 25, 2004

Kiss and Makeup

It's vaguely official. In the same way that Talk Like a Pirate Day is (coming soon! dont forget). Today is 'Kiss and Makeup' Day. I'm sure it's a Hallmark manufactured thing. We are rather between holidays at the moment. Labor Day not really being a big card-sending day. You think of Hallmark as being all homey and grandma like, but they are just corporate bitches like everyone else.

Oh, this morning on the radio: A man was test driving a car. He asked the salesman if it would be okay if he stopped by the bank real quick. Hoping to keep the sale, the salesman agreed, and waited outside. The man went in, robbed the bank, and drove off in the car while the salesman was standing out of it giving someone directions. They caught him a few hours later. The dude went to jail, the salesman lost a commission.

That's a couple guys that might need to Kiss and Makeup. Me? I'm going to go pick a fight with a voice actress so I'll have a reason to celebrate the day...

August 26, 2004

Earth II

This is just shit cool. Why? Because it is a terrestrial planet, orbiting a main sequence star. Yes, its gravity would crush us, but it's a start. And it's frelling right next door.

Wanna be a voice actress? One came into my office yesterday, and I talked to her for a few minutes. A couple days ago she had to do some voice work for a vampire game. According to her, her instructions were:
"Okay, now scream like you've been shot."
"Okay, now scream like you're on fire."
"And now scream like you are attacking someone."

Then one of the producers came in, and handed her a piece of paper. She looked it over, then told me "Gotta go say something about frogs. Bye."
Think you could handle that?

In other news, yesterday was my one year anniversary of working here. I think it's a new personal record. My previous being fifty one weeks at WorldCom.

August 27, 2004

A reason to buy Playboy

If you are a gamer geek, you may very well already have a stash of Playboy, Penthouse, Big Burly Males, or whatever it is that mows your lawn squirreled away from public eyes. The October issue of Playboy, however, is something every gamer can go out, and buy with pride, and be expected to have out on his coffee table. It will feature BloodRayne topless. Don't leave it out though if the pages are sticky.

August 30, 2004

Tom = The Predator

Never did really get into my groove today. Been busy with other stuff. Virii and printers, mostly. I also had a lunch somewhere in there, but it wasn't much. Raquetball tonight for the first time in a couple weeks.

Pretty slow weekend. Ninsi was out of town, so it was just me and Zero. And the dogs, of course. I think the highlight was the buying of flasks (for non-alchoholic beverages of course) to take to Atlanta. I can drink on the plane now. There was also the obligatory trip to Best Buy since we were in the area, and Zero got some 'talk-a-bout' radios for the trip as well. I'm going to snag a pair from work, so we should have at least 4 in total. Cellular phones do not work in the lower levels of the hotels very well, so we are hoping for better luck with the radios. Hmm, golf Sunday. Yes, my three months of not playing was fairly apparent. I'll not speak of it again.

In the meantime, I'm still waiting on comments from hot Swedish girls...

Oh, possibly the best quiz ever... GDDonut

August 31, 2004

"Man, I'm pretty..."

A-ba dee, a-ba da.

My hair is blue. The color took pretty well. Now if it will just hold for a week or so, I'll be happy. Though, in truth, I think I like the color enough that I would consider doing it with some degree of regularity. I'm not sure what color it was actually supposed to be, (or what shade of blue, rather) but I have what I consider to be an overabundance of, ahem, copper colored hairs in my head. Those spots seems to have a more metallic blue hue to them than the rest of my hair. Pictures? Not yet.

What does work think? So far, everyong has liked it. None of the management has seen it, but I think I it would be fairly agreeable to everyone.

Other news? not much. I fear that my girlfriend is about to go into full schizo mode with the DragonCon looming so close. "...omgitsjustthreedaysawaywhatamigoingtowearsevencostumesomgihavetopackbutihavegreatshoes..."

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