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Beast Boy = The Howler

There is just enough going on at work today to keep me from accpmplishing anything. More than a little annoying. Not much else about. We had a full house over the weekend. I think that is, or will be covered in better detail over at Ninsi's, or Zero's.

I dont believe I mentioned this before, but last Tuesday or so, there was some road rage on the access road near my building, and by the time it was over, (i had left for the day) there was an SUV that had entered the Ryan's restaurant next door that I see every day out my window. It didn't just hit the structure, no, it totally missed all the yard and road hazards, and went straight into the double doors on the front. All the way to its rear bumper. It was almost completely inside Ryan's. Not much in the way of injuries, three people were treated and released.
Ryan's had to close for a day or two to make repairs, and today they are putting up new letters on the big sign. I watched the two guys do it for a while. Putting letters up, taking them down. And then I saw them take out a piece of paper, look at it, then look at the sign. Turn the paper upside down, then look at the sign some more. I'm not saying they couldn't read the paper, and were just trying to make the sign look like it. Not saying that at all. One of them eventually left. There is just one guy out there now, and he's been at it a while. So far, it says "Try our all new Mexican buffy eve". I can't wait til it's finished. The 'n' in mexican is backwards too.

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I like Ramble more than Decay.

Decay is obviously not a popular ring name.
do a vote for Eugooguley vs. Ramble.


put one of mine in...


Maybe the sign guys are afraid to be out there too long cause they'll be hit by a car.


so what does the sign say now?


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