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A couple weeks back, I made mention of the SUV that drove straight into the Ryan's restaurant across the street here from work. Three people in that incident were treated and released from the N. Richland Hills hospital. One of those three people has now been given about two days left to live. The hospital missed a thing or two in their initial exam. Like a broken collarbone. And pretty severe head trauma. Oh, and the internal bleeding.

In other news, "Van Helsing" has some nice special effects and some hot women. Worth the $1.50.

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jesus...way to go, hospital.

When we lived in an apartment closer to my w*rk, in Haltom City, TX, NRH was the closest hospital to our home.

We made it a point to drive up to Baylor's Grapevine campus whenever we were in need of ER services.

One bad experience with my wife getting xrays was enough. They did the wrong foot - or tried to anyway.

That and the ER doc was some wizened old fuck that clearly had a drinking problem, else he wouldn't have ended up on ER staff at NRH.

YMMV of course. A co-worker swears by them, even though they mis-diagnosed a pretty serious problem he had with his kidneys a couple years ago...


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