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Just a quickie since I have managed to publish today. It was a lovely day outside though. I got to see it all day long through the window. Several people inside were walking around with their jackets on because it was fucking cold in here this morning. I have a West facing window, so my office does finally manage to warm up some in the afternoon.

Zero is out of town for about the next week and a half. This means we can't take his money at poker, and it also means that Mira, the dog, will probably become a nervous wreck. She's used to him being gone for a few days at a time, but this will be quite a while for her. It'll be fine though, so long as she and Luna don't try to play the "whos the bigger bitch" game.

Poker tomorrow, and then no real plans after that until next weekend when I may or may not go to OK.

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you realize that if you stay in D for the 21st/22nd, you'll become our little toy/project for the weekend, and could very well end up w/ Hedwig make up. 3-4 of us girls could so take you down, and apply fabulous make-up

Not a chance.


I wish I could see your comments while I'm at work. I want a new work computer.


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