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Cellar door

So Donnie Darko was on HBO last night. It started about the time we ate dinner, so I watched most of it. It wasn't complete crap, but it wasn't exactly any good either. I suppose it could have generated a cult following like it seems to now have, but Showgirls also has a cult following, and that does not make it a better movie. These kinds of followings really only seem to congregate around bad movies. Donnie Darko = bad movie. Not complete crap, as I said, but bad movie, nonetheless. And I think that is all I will say about it, or the Bunny/Chicken mafia might lynch me.

Maybe something more interesting later, because well, compared with Donnie, almost anything would be.

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I'm reserving my opinion for a later date. While I don't not like the movie, I wasn't exctatic after the movie. I need to watch it at least once more. I was kind of up and down a lot at the beginning.

Chut up!



I just don't get it. Did he have to stay in his room to save the girl? Of course, I only watched the first 30 minutes and the last 30 so it's possible I missed something important.

Wet Hot American Summer, Lollipop Girls...lots of cult crap out there.

It's very complicated. You need to see the whole thing and go to the Cellar Door web site to read Roberta Sparrow's book on time travel and the tangent universe.

ok - so what's the website to cellardoor?

You can go suck a fuck. (not really)

Actually, Bunny stole my Chut up! line so I had to use another one.

That movie is definitely not for everyone. Damn, think it's time I watched it again tonight...

I think you have to watch it several times, don't you, Bunny? Every time I watch it, I see something I missed before. Vicente said in the re-release that Donnie doesn't really get hit by the jet engine, but that instead it was just a bad dream.

I think Vicente is pulling my Chicken Leg.


Wait so to understand the movie I have to read a book AND a website. If that's what's required I think the movie has failed on some level. I did like all the 80's referecences. Esp. the Joy Division music.


yeah, even if you didn't like the movie, you can't deny the soundtrack.


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