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Courage = The Purple Knight

Today is just a continuation of last week. It would be a continuation of the weekend had I been here to work over the weekend. Fortunately, I was in Oklahoma with the Squid. Did some skating, hung out some. All in all, a good way to spend the weekend. Especially with the weather being unseasonably mild still. The way things have gone, and with it being almost September already, I think that swimming for the Summer is pretty much done. We might get one or two more days, but it needs to warm up quick if that is going to happen. Otherwise, we may as well cover the pool before any more frogs decide to make it their home.

As Ninsi mentioned, I am busy. Hoping to get to leave work on time today, and then to go home and think about how to pack everything for DragonCon in two weeks. Too much crap, too little space.

Scientists are puzzled by Jupiter. Go figure.

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This makes me very sad. Between the snowcone place closing and no more pool and me working, The Summer of Love really is over.

actually, we discovered last night that the snowcone place isn't actually closed. it just only opens when it feels like it. their early school year hours are 3pm - 8pm weekdays. and regular hours on weekends, unless they're not busy. regular weekend hours = 2:30 - 9 or 10. But they no longer post their hours, because as the dykeish (i mean that in the best way possible) snowcone lady said, if they're not busy they close. but if we really have to have snowcones, we can alway drive down to beltline where there is another snowcone place, that seems to be open more often. i almost stopped by there sunday.


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