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Dee Dee = the Unicorn

One of the costumes/outfits that I am wearing to DragonCon is now complete. It's not an anime character, it's not a movie character, but it may very well make people say "what the fuck?" and that is really the best that one can hope for most of the time. It's also heavier than I was expecting. I'd say more than 25 pounds. That do be the price of fashion though. And bulky. I'm not sure exactly how to get it to Atlanta. It won't precisely fit into a travel bag. Maybe a suitcase all to itself? Seems a waste.

Oh, yes, I neglected to mention my lunchtime visit to Wal-Mart yesterday. I went looking for some TV trays. The wood ones that come four to a set, with the fifth piece they all stack on for storage. Anyway, I wander around for a few minutes, and do not see them right away. So, I'm walking on a main aisle and stop a wal-mart employee as she gets to me, and ask if they have the trays.

She says: "I dont know. I dont think Ive seen any. Vaccuum cleaners are on this aisle."

And she was correct. The aisle to which we were nearest was indeed the vaccuum cleaner aisle. I dont know if this was some nefarious 'bait and switch' play on her part, or if she really couldn't comprehend that I was looking for TV trays, and not whatever happened to closest. I decided it was pointless to ask any more after that, and just told her "I'd go look". And to make sure she at least felt like she had accomplished something, I wandered down the vaccuum aisle to pretend to look.

Side note: I did eventually find the trays. Through no help from anyone at Wal-mart. I found what appeared to be the only set they had left.

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maybe tonight we should to a fashion show, and take pics of our various dragon*con costumes, we have planned...


That's hilarious.. great non-sequitar...

So. You get a vacuum or what?

i work in the brick tit:

I think you were supposed to buy a vacuum cleaner. Face it, you did receive direct customer service, and your failure to purchase the nearest item, will end up costing all of us eventually. Wal-Mart can only keep costs down if all workers clock out before their shifts start and if all customers randomly purchase whatever products they come across and then check themselves out using automated "quick lines". If you use a shopping cart please leave it in the designated Cart Corral. Otherwise you will eventually eat into precious profits and cause all of us to suffer from higher prices.

Did you find them in teh vaccuum cleaner isle? :) lol


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