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Earth II

This is just shit cool. Why? Because it is a terrestrial planet, orbiting a main sequence star. Yes, its gravity would crush us, but it's a start. And it's frelling right next door.

Wanna be a voice actress? One came into my office yesterday, and I talked to her for a few minutes. A couple days ago she had to do some voice work for a vampire game. According to her, her instructions were:
"Okay, now scream like you've been shot."
"Okay, now scream like you're on fire."
"And now scream like you are attacking someone."

Then one of the producers came in, and handed her a piece of paper. She looked it over, then told me "Gotta go say something about frogs. Bye."
Think you could handle that?

In other news, yesterday was my one year anniversary of working here. I think it's a new personal record. My previous being fifty one weeks at WorldCom.

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doesn't seem nearly that long, now does it? I'm just going on 5 months - but the first two flew by.

one of my ex-gf's is a voice-actress.

she mainly does radio stuff though, for radio adverts.

if you don't make it in film or on stage, it's one of the few ways to actually make money at your chosen profession if you have the pipes for it.

i suppose many folks get by on mere looks and talent in the visual side of the acting profession.

vocal range and the ability to 'do' accents and dialects are the heavy-hitters in voice-overs.



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