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Finding Nemo?

I wasn't sure I would be blogging today since I'm leaving early to head up to OK for a weekend with the Squid, but I found a site with some stuff that just has to be shared. I have a link to a paypal account so that someone so inclined could give me money, thereby allowing me to attend random astronomy siminars worldwide. So far, I've got nothing. But the hope remains. In the meantime, if anyone would like to use the link to help me get one of these, that would be fine too. It has a matching sink.

Im also debating the merits of attempting to build my own hovercraft.

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Absolutley without question we should build a hovercraft, but larger, and it will of course be armed.


Heh whoops that wasn't supposed to be Mira posting, silly dog.

I can certainly see Mira getting excited about the hover craft. oh, and btw, things found under mira's (zero's) bed this week:
zeros hat
ohknats hat
more socks
luna's monkey
oh yeah, did I say socks?

was that REALLY zero's hat, or was it in fact ohknats' guiness hat from the tubing trip?

oh. never mind. you listed my hat. missed that the first go round...


but that leaves no less curious as to the presence of ladies' things under there. was it mira, or is zero just trying to blame the dog?


remember the ads from 'Boys Life' magazine for instructions on how to build your very own hovercraft from old vacuum cleaner motors?

or weren't any of you guys ever in boy scouts?

first guy to say 'i was never in boy scouts, but i was in a brownie once' gets flicked on the nose.


to hell with the hovercraft.

build a trebuchet.

like this one.

poor Phlome has to work his little tail off at work today. :-(


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