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I was torn between this link, and the one about the Giant Squid in Spain, but the rabbit won, because it's funny.

Weekend was pretty good. Only had five people show up for poker tourney night, but the buy-in was a little higher, so it was still a good pot. I spent a good chunck of Saturday at work. One of my servers is being a bitch and started to crap out Friday, so I came in for about seven hours Saturday to try to fix it. I've done what I can for it, right now, but I can't give it a very good prognosis. I spent most of this morning trying to fix the little problems I didn't catch Saturday.

I told Ninsi that if I won anything Friday night, Id give her a good bit of it for a new corset for DragonCon. So that is how Sunday was spent. We couldn't find a corset that that cost less than $400 that fit well and looked good, but she did manage to find a skirt and top for about what I figured we'd spend on a corset, so I think she did alright. She almost hit the jackpot and found boots to match the new outfit, but the color was slightly off. We did our shopping at two stores for gay men, and one store for strippers. The stripper store had a ton of shoes. Go figure.

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well, we didn't make it to the other side of the store w/ 2 walls covered floor to ceiling w/ thongs/g-strings/t-backs. Seriously, it makes sense; stripper store is stock full of shoes and underwear, all she really needs for corporate casual!


I am SO grossed out by t-backs. I've got a drawer full of g-strings (god how I miss them...), but somehow...eww. They're so practically the same thing, yet so different.


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