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Ryan's has a new Mexican buffet every Wed after 4pm. That's what their sign says now. So much for the free Buffy.

The great thing about having a window, is that I can just watch people sometimes. Right now, there is a guy with a camera in the middle of the access road. I thought he was being a human "Frogger" for a minute the way he was taking a step on and then off the road, but no cars were coming so it wasn't very exciting. He's mostly walking back and forth across it taking pictures. Counting steps now, it looks like. Im betting he's with the insurance company. Taking pics of the road itself, and then the Ryan's that was hit by the SUV. It's more fun to think that he's just a nut though, galavanting around on the road.

Zero, if you make it to Baltimore in late September, you could attend this! Though I somehow doubt you'd share my enthusiasum.

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Oh my god I love Mexican buffet's...


I think Zero should have to go to the conference and videotape it.


Don't mind me, I'm just here filming you for my two friends that are Astronomy nuts and couldn't make it.


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