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The mexican buffet is calling me like a siren's song...

There is a guy a work, that used to know my name. Now he calls me "Bruce."

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I went to highschool with a guy that called everyone "Bruce" even his parents.

I just tried posting this comment and it wouldn't work, so if there are multiple comments, blame the technology.

Anyone remember the Monty Python sketch about the Australian philosophy professors who all drank too much Foster's and called each other Bruce?


For the latest poll, how about "a means of transportation"?


i've seen that python sketch. hehe...
phlome, where did this guy come up with "bruce"? that sounds nothing like your real name.


More importantly, did you go to the Mexican Buffet?!

Well, no. Because it's only on Wednesday, after 4pm, according to the sign.

And if Im going to drive this far, that late for dinner, I'll just go the other direction and get myself a Ron's burger. Which really sounds great right now. I think I may have to get one this weekend.

Scary shit that. We've got a security guard man that works at our reception area that used to know my name. He calls me "Bruce" too.

BTW - the code is fixed. My next button takes me to neko, not ninsi.


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