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Kiss and Makeup

It's vaguely official. In the same way that Talk Like a Pirate Day is (coming soon! dont forget). Today is 'Kiss and Makeup' Day. I'm sure it's a Hallmark manufactured thing. We are rather between holidays at the moment. Labor Day not really being a big card-sending day. You think of Hallmark as being all homey and grandma like, but they are just corporate bitches like everyone else.

Oh, this morning on the radio: A man was test driving a car. He asked the salesman if it would be okay if he stopped by the bank real quick. Hoping to keep the sale, the salesman agreed, and waited outside. The man went in, robbed the bank, and drove off in the car while the salesman was standing out of it giving someone directions. They caught him a few hours later. The dude went to jail, the salesman lost a commission.

That's a couple guys that might need to Kiss and Makeup. Me? I'm going to go pick a fight with a voice actress so I'll have a reason to celebrate the day...

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I'm going to assume that you're saying that just to make me mad so you'll have a reason to kiss and make up with me when you get home tonight. Otherwise you'll have Mira kissing youall night, while you sleep on the couch.

Um, yeah, sure. That's what I meant.


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