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Lethargy abounds

It's a quiet day. Everywhere. In the last two hours at work, I've received one email. That is usually enough to make me think there is something wrong with the server. But, it is working fine. No one must be having any problems today.

I read a pamphlet at lunch today. It mentioned a woman in England who has insured her face fro about $150, 000. (at a yearly cost to her of $300). It is in case she gets ugly and her husband leaves her. Although the insurance will also pay for plastic surgery if she is scarred in an accident, she got it in case her man dumps her ass. I'm not sure exactly how the 150k is supposed to fix that. To lessen the blow of the breakup? Or to get a facelift after he leaves her? Isn't it kinda a way that you could just bilk the insurance out of 150K?

man: "I'm leaving yo ugly-ass face for a new model, bitch."
woman: "No, don't do that..."
man: "Damn, you ugly. Bye."
woman: "Oh woe is me..."

Then she collects the dough, and the man comes back to her, and they run off to Monte Carlo to make good on some gambling debts. That's what I see happening, anyway.

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And lethargy appears to continue to abound....

I think it was close to 4 hours w/out email. I was questioning the server as well. Scarry! I could only imagine the boss man hearing the server went down while he was on vacation and we were his trusty watchdogs. I'll tell you, that one m'er f'er that almost took down the server, man i'm still pissed at him.


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