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"Man, I'm pretty..."

A-ba dee, a-ba da.

My hair is blue. The color took pretty well. Now if it will just hold for a week or so, I'll be happy. Though, in truth, I think I like the color enough that I would consider doing it with some degree of regularity. I'm not sure what color it was actually supposed to be, (or what shade of blue, rather) but I have what I consider to be an overabundance of, ahem, copper colored hairs in my head. Those spots seems to have a more metallic blue hue to them than the rest of my hair. Pictures? Not yet.

What does work think? So far, everyong has liked it. None of the management has seen it, but I think I it would be fairly agreeable to everyone.

Other news? not much. I fear that my girlfriend is about to go into full schizo mode with the DragonCon looming so close. "...omgitsjustthreedaysawaywhatamigoingtowearsevencostumesomgihavetopackbutihavegreatshoes..."

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i'm afraid you'll both be gone before ninsi has an opportunity to collect her chopsticks.

pity. well, that's assuming i'm able to find suitable ones. shouldn't be that big of a chore, but one never knows.

Ironically, it's easier to buy See's Lemon Truffles in HK than it is to buy chopsticks with cool dragons on them. At least in the neighborhood I'm staying in it is...




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