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Picard larps, bitch. you're in

Click the title for explanation. Picard may larp, but he doesn't have to fix busted ass servers. That's Jordi's job, and all he has to do is vacantly stare at them with cyber-eyes. I've got a busted-ass server, and no cyber-eyes, so Im fairly well fooked. My recommendation is going to be to trash this one, build up a new one, and restore everything from backups. It's a very viable plan. Much more so than it would have been six months ago, since even that short time ago our backup strategy was still rather insubstantial.

Zero has been gone for nearly a week now, but Mira seems to be doing pretty well. Maybe she is calming down in her middle years. That, or she has just resigned herself to him not coming back. It hasn't stopped her from squirrling away socks under the bed though.

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or wallets. I'm pretty sure i left my purse on the kitchen table last night. why is she so set on taking my wallet?


Maybe you should stop rubbing it down with BBQ Sauce!

There's a joke here somewhere.

Something about having to carry around pork chops to get dogs to play with you.

But that's a tired old saw, and we'll let it be.

Bummed to hear about your server woes Phlome, but you know as well as I do that you live to execute the sort of geekery you'll be performing in bringing something alive from cold metal and backup media.

So quit your whining.



The socks are the life. The socks must flow.

I still don't understand what LARPing is.... am i nieve? is this a common phrase? SO THAT'S WHERE THE SOCKS GO! damn, gonna have to look under my bed now... ooooo scarrry! Don't know what sorta things i'll find under there.


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