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I went to Hobby Lobby today during my lunch outting. Looking for Plaster of Paris to use in projects for kitschy Christmas gifts for my mom. Found some cheaper than at Michaels. Probably should have also checked the Home Depot, but decided Id go with what I have. Anyway, while I was in the checkout line, there were a couple ladies in front of me, with three kids. One mom looked at her son, who was maybe 11, and leaned over, reaching towards his face and he jumped back real far. I couldn't quite hear what she said to him, it was either "Why did you jump back?" or "Did you clip your eyelashes?". Eitherway, he shouted "BECAUSE YOUR ALWAYS TOUCHING ME! I DONT LIKE IT WHEN YOU TOUCH ME! DONT TOUCH ME!" followed by uncomfortable silence from the adults. The boy kept talking though.

When they finished their purchasing, they were walking out the door, and the mom pointed to a big ceramic chef thing that is about four foot tall and has a platter in his hands. Looks not unlike Chef-boy-ardee. Short and fat, but jolly. Something some people might put in their kitchen. And she said "I really want that," to which the boy replied "Why? Because he looks like you?"

I think that is one mom that is counting the minutes til school starts back up.

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Probably a foster kid.

I think i'd sit there in silence pondering that kids reaction around a bit as well.


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