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The meaning of blog

Ninsi met Prosper last night for the first time. We had dinner for about two and a half hours. I would say it went well. The topic of the blog did come up at some point. Prosper has one on Blogger, but much like Weljim, there is but a single entry. The question was raised of 'Why?' as in "Why blog?". So, why do you blog?

I started the blog solely to have a more or less dynamic home page. The web space I have was mainly devoted to hosting pictures and stuff. Mission accomplished there. I try to write daily just as an exercise in consistency for myself, and to make sure that the content does not stagnate. Even if it does remain uninteresting. I do not need the validation of comments to keep going. I will type away, irregardless.

Some people start a blog because 'everyone else' has one. They may or may not ever get past the first week. Some people just like to write.

It seems to me to be a way of disseminating small bits of daily life to friends, and occassional random strangers, without going through the hassle of calling or emailing 10-20 different people. There are people that I will talk to on the phone every few months for an hour or two at a time. None of them read the blog, or have one of their own. It is not an online diary for me. Im not going to bitch someone out, or expound on my deepest hopes and fears here. That is for a utterly anonymous blog, if someone really feels the need to have others read their crap, or better yet, a simple spiral notebook.

I think for me, the whole blog thing is like sitting in a cafe with some people I know. Telling small bits of what's going on to each of us throughout the day. Other people walk in, sit around and listen to the conversation occassionally, maybe even interject a little, and then leave to their own table with people they know.

How do you see it? Why do you blog?

I think Ryan's is fucking with me now. When I got in the morning, I swear three of the seven words in the sign "now hiring bakery bread and salad help" were misspelled, or otherwise messed up. Now, they are all proper.

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i enjoy writing and also like the camaraderie of our little group.



I was gonna mention the "irregardless" thing too, but then I figured Phlome did it on purpose to incite a riot.


I think the manager probably showed up at some point and told them to get out there and fix the damn sign.

My blog is an indulgence in that I get to write a lot, which makes me happy. And like you said, it keeps me communicating with people kind of (not terribly in-depth communication) instead of having to call or email about trivial things. Or sometimes big things. I didn't have the energy or want the pity to tell lots of people directly about my stepfather's death and other things. Posting on the blog - it's out there and I don't have to feel like I'm being too needy or in people's faces with bad crap.

I meant to write more stuff about the meaning of blog. But I got called away by my dutiful spouse to pack for my trip to Chicago.

Like bunny, I blog because I like to write stuff. Sometimes it's more of a cathartic exercise than maybe the audience is ready for, but what the hell, the alternatives to my occassional rants may be far worse than imposing upon friends and acquaintences.

Good subject though phlome. Glad you brought it up...

off topic --

I can't log into Blogger to post the code about the webring - I will as soon as I can log in ;)


I do the blog thing because I wanted to learn html and it snowballed from there. I also stay away from getting too personal because there's those who like to exploit things like that. It gives me something to do I suppose.


I must say that irregardless is a word. I had this discussion with a friend of mine a few years ago. Several years ago it was not a word, but indeed due to overuse, it has been added to the official dictionary although they state that it hails from common although improper usage. I have only just started blogging. Did you know blog has been around for more than 100 years? It used to mean knocking transients on the back to move them out of the way on city streets. Bizarre. I find very few people can or want to write. One must blog in order to find them...somewhere out there...
Mel up North where people don't like to 'ryte'...


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