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Tom = The Predator

Never did really get into my groove today. Been busy with other stuff. Virii and printers, mostly. I also had a lunch somewhere in there, but it wasn't much. Raquetball tonight for the first time in a couple weeks.

Pretty slow weekend. Ninsi was out of town, so it was just me and Zero. And the dogs, of course. I think the highlight was the buying of flasks (for non-alchoholic beverages of course) to take to Atlanta. I can drink on the plane now. There was also the obligatory trip to Best Buy since we were in the area, and Zero got some 'talk-a-bout' radios for the trip as well. I'm going to snag a pair from work, so we should have at least 4 in total. Cellular phones do not work in the lower levels of the hotels very well, so we are hoping for better luck with the radios. Hmm, golf Sunday. Yes, my three months of not playing was fairly apparent. I'll not speak of it again.

In the meantime, I'm still waiting on comments from hot Swedish girls...

Oh, possibly the best quiz ever... GDDonut

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Oh phlome you are so impatient.

Wait til we get you alone in atlanta in the state of georgia. Then you will get some comments alright.

-Eva Lisa Kvask
-SBT Captain and Ombudsman

In case anyone was wondering:

We are NOT a goddamned Donut.

-Eva Lisa


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