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Wednesday night TV blows

Last night, Ninsi and I sat down to eat dinner. Eating in the living room, we switched on the TV to watch while we ate. At 7 pm on Wednesday, there is absolutely nothing on. Hundreds of channels, nothing worth watching. Probably could have sat through some Olympics, but seen quite a bit already. We didn't even make it to the title sequence of Smallville. I gave the remote to Ninsi, and it settled on "Amish in the city" or something like that. About real Amish kids that are out experiencing the rest of the world before they go back and be all Amish the rest of their life. Apart from making me want to learn Pennslyvania Dutch, it wasn't very engrossing.

There was a study done recently. I'm not sure by whom, or where, but the overall conclusion was that women who think they are going to live longer have a higher percentage of boys. Physiologically, most people can estimate, with reasonable accuracy, how long they are going to live. Presumably the correlation is that boys are harder to raise, and take longer. Therefore, if you think you will be living longer, you can have a boy and will be alive to care for it. If you are going to die next year, have a girl, because you know, she'll be fine on her own by then. I'm sure you can find it on your own if you really care.

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hmmm, what about the whole X Y chromosomes coming from the father? The female can not affect the gender of her child (unless you're talking alligators, which a presume you are not). I mean sure there's the chance of hormonal imbalances leading to abiguous genetialia, or other such genetic mutations that lead to hermaphroditism, or Klynefelchers, or someother stuff which I can't think of right now.

actually, you're both right.

men pick up on their woman's vibe re: longevity.

if we think the ball and chain is going to be around long enough to bring up junior proper, we'll give her the good kickapoo joy juice.

if we think she's a short-timer, she gets the low octane stuff.

i thought everyone knew that.


ps - this had BETTER not get me kicked off the ring.


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