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September 1, 2004


This will probably be the last entry til next Tuesday or so. I could do something tomorrow, but I will have to spend most of the day making sure that everything is packed, and sitting by the phone (metaphorically since it's cellular) waiting for Ninsi to call and say "Go here, get this thing I need."

She has threatened to audioblog from Atlanta, and Zero is probably going to photoblog. Me? I'm taking the high road, and not blogging at all. I figure if I can't remember it well enough to talk about it next Tuesday then the last thing I will need is a painful reminder in the form of an audio clip or digital pic. If you think I'm being silly, then remember "En Fukken Para Dukken." That really says it all, right?

Our good friend, Reptile, was supposed to drive up to Atlanta from Orlando and party through the weekend with us. With the Hurricane Frances looming, however, that is starting to look like it may not happen. I think that the proper protocol in a cast like that is to proceed forth valiantly and drink enough achohol for all those comrades that are weather delayed. Yes, I think that is the plan. Friday night, must drink at least enough for two. Maybe more.

Last year, I think we returned from DragonCon with about 500 pictures between us all. A precious few have seen all of those. I believe I posted 22 online in total. It will likely be a similar figure on both counts this year as well.

Til next week. Safe holiday all.

ps! be sure to vote in the new poll!

September 6, 2004

The return

Back from DragonCon 2004.
Pictures, and maybe tales, will be posted later.
Oh, and for the interested parties, we have about 750 pictures to muck through.

September 7, 2004

Jerry = The Prey

"We're here, we're here, doesn't anyone want to give a cheer?"

DragonCon 2004 was a swimming success, I'd say. Even with our flight being delayed by more than an hour, both ways. There was a lot of drinking. And then we drank some more. Though, I don't think we drank quite as much as the girl that passed out in the elevator lobby Saturday night, and would up passed out in Zero's bed, and eventually got wheeled back to her room wearing my shirt.

I commited a cardinal sin while there.
but I didn't mean to

What sin? I got more photo requests than Ninsi! I think the exact quote from her was close to "no one is paying attention to my boobs!" That was the second night, when I was Grandpa Head Man. It was a huge hit. I hadn't been wearing it ten minutes when The Atlanta Channel (or something like that) decided I was supa-cool enough to interview.

I think I got too much attention Friday night as well, but that is her own fault. She wouldn't let me wear a shirt.

I'm not going to get sexx0rs for years now. le sigh.

September 8, 2004


dragoncon 2004 pictures

This is a small selection of the over 700 pictures we have.

and a few I just want to point out:
All of us, with the Grandpa Head jacket and Ninsi's boobs dominating the group.

Ninsi and a Zorro? guy. He was with Jessica Rabbit, who was also the blonde bellydancer. I have a picture of Jessica Rabbit when I'm in my Kyle Wylie (is that who I was, Ninsi?) stage, but I didn't post it.

It's good to be a Grandpa Head

This one got a lot of "What character is she?"

September 9, 2004

Next up, Halloween

The first half of the year generally sucks for holidays. You really don't have much outside of Memorial Day. Everything is packed into the last few months. We have just completed a successful Labor Day, and next month, we have Halloween coming up. Parties are a must. As are costumes. Do I wear what I have? Or do I work on something else? Do Ninsi and I collaborate on a costume set?

In the meantime, I'm trying to decide what to do with the grandpa heads jacket. Do I keep it and wear it on Halloween? Do I try to sell it as the "one and only Grandpa Head jacket - as seen at Dragcon 2004", on Ebay? It's pretty damn bulky, so I'll probably get rid of it one way or another before Christmas.

September 10, 2004

Sickness Head

I was officially diagnosed last night as having the ailment 'sickness head.' Ninsi seems to think it is a most dire and dread malady. I think that's being a little dramatic. At worst, I had a fever of just over 100. That broke around midnight, and now Im just phlegmy.

Probably busy most of the day. I think I have to get some hardware and run to the Infomart. Which is pretty cool looking inside, but not that great on the outside. The weekend will be spent resting, more or less. And watching football. More football than rest, I suspect.

September 13, 2004

Ed = Stench

There was a countywide vote this weekend. Each city voted whether or not it wanted to allow the sale of beer, wine, and malt liquor within city limits. Irving, being the stalewart dry city, voted down the measure by a two to one margin. Grand Prairie, on the other hand, approved it. This means that we will soon not have to drive very far at all to satisfy our alchoholic needs. We will still have to drive though, and that's a bummer. Zero has a little propaganda thing we got in the mail trying to sway us to the 'Nay' vote. Basically saying that allowing the sale of beer, wine, and malt liquor ("known on the street as 'liquid crack'") would bring with it winos, crack-hos, vagrants, and loiterers. I suspect that Grand Prairie can get a store built on the border with Irving withing two weeks.

Not much else happened this weekend. Ninsi was out of town, so Saturday I resurrected my Warhammer 40k ways with Donut. And watched just an ass-load of football. OU won, Dallas lost, Redskins won. And it was good. I also decided to start painting again. Finish paiting my Dark Eldar rather. I only have to do three Raiders and it will be done. Though, I'd like to add another nine Wyches to the mix. This post is getting geekier by the word, so I'll stop now.

Oh, if you see one of these on the road, be sure to flip off the driver, slash the tires, key the paint, or engage in whatever form of disobedience you deem necessary to let them know that something that big should not be on the road as a personal vehicle. Ever.

September 14, 2004


Mooney has requested entry into WDWitEU ring. I dont think they quite meet the requirements as set forth under the rules. They might auto-qualify under Rule #4, but having not yet seen a picture, I can't ascertain if they are fucking hot or not. Ergo, we shall have a vote. Please only vote once, and only vote if you are a current ring member. I will be checking IPs to keep it honest. If you want to comment privately to me, use the poll comments. Only I see those.

September 15, 2004

Wonderland fantasies

I will probably have to close commenting on the entry within a week because I suspect I'll be innudated with Val Kilmer pr0n spam. Anyway, there is a new poll. The chararacters are all from storybooks, and all young girls. Usually portrayed as wholesome and good, but sometimes, (like if you visit the stripper store) you'll see an outfit for them that portrays not wholesome goodness, so much as spanking naughtiness. The question is, which one is the best at that? I think Alice and Red (Alice in Wonderland/Red Riding Hood) may be about even at the top of the heap. Followed at a short distance by Dorothy. If you don't think Dorothy (Wiz of Oz) can make your jewels jump, I have a picture for you. And I know I haven't included any princesses (Cindy, Snowy, Ariel, etc) We all know they are sluts. Though, if I have left out someone that should be in the list, let me know, and I'll add them.


Random sports update: Hockey may die today. The Player's Association Collective Bargaining Agreement expires today, with no talks in the works to get a new one together. Lockout will probably start tomorrow, thereby delaying the start of the season, if not killing the season entirely for the year.

September 16, 2004

Forgot the Strawberry

I neglected Strawberry Shortcake when I created the poll yesterday. So I will add her and any late voters will have her as an option. Granted, she doesn't fit in quite the same genre as the other girls, but she's a whole lot hotter than Rainbow Bright.

Not much else going on. Trying to get stuff somewhat organized for the Big Move in a couple weeks. The woman has been sick and stayed at home yesterday and half of today. I might update some more after while, but all I got now would be stuff about Warhammer 40k and shit. Not to many want to hear about that, so we'll leave it for a bit.

September 17, 2004

Can I help you?

When's the last time your management made an unreasonable request of you? Well, that's too long. Our management has toys they don't know how to use because they can afford them. We don't have them, and yet, are expected to know how to work them. And teach them how to work it.
Moving on to nothing else, we have on our left some stuff that happened somewhere else to other people.
Cassini is still beeping away happily, but seriously, there is little to discuss going on in the Land of Notival.
Work is fairly consuming these days.
I think the foreigners that hit the blog need to leave comments. Or at least the non-foreigners that happen to be in overseas countries at the moment.
I'm indifferent to Bone Daddy's tonight.
Okay, that was almost funny. The 'talent coordinator' girl just about tripped over a snot rag someone left in the middle of the hall. Rather disturbing though that the stotrag is there.
ramble ramble
don't bring me down, bruce.

September 20, 2004

Otto = The Knowitall

Ninsi mentioned the car we saw on Friday night that literally burst into flames shortly after we had passed it by. I'm sure it scared the Hell out of more than a few people when it went from a little bitty fire right under the car, to being totally engulfed by flames. It was one of those things that's cool to see for everyone not actually involved with the incident itself.

On the way home Friday, I had not even made it to the highway yet, traffic was starting to back up because there had been an pretty severe accident at the intersection of the street I was on, and the highway access road. I watched a Careflight chopper land while I was waiting to go, and as I got closer, I saw that a second chopper had already landed. So it was 2 helicopters, 2 ambulances, 4 police cruisers, and 1 fire engine. A couple busted-ass cars more than completed the mix.

This morning on the way to work, I think I was about thirty seconds behind a wreck. Traffic hadn't slowed to much, but was starting too. When I passed it, people were starting to get out of their cars. The mini-coop I think is probably totalled, but everyone looked like they weren't majorly injured. The mini started to smoke as I went by it, but it wasn't the black smoke of fire. Just the white smoke of a busted radiator.

My weekend was spent playing Fable. And painting some. Almost done with the Raiders now. Oh, and since Ohknats asked, the new toys were PDA phones they wanted synced up with their email and contact lists.

The rest of the week will be spent slowing cleaning the house, and getting ready to go to OK for the weekend. My baby brudder is getting hitched this weekend.

September 21, 2004

Assimilation to be continued at a later date

Just a quick note for the observant. Channel-Zero has been temporarily deactivated in the webring. Zero is on vacation, so he will not be gracing us with any new content until Sunday at best. Reactivation will occur then. Until that time, I thought I'd save us all the hassle of that one extra click we would have to endure to get through the stagnant site. I would do no less for any of you...

They grow back?

A girl I work with had her tonsils taken out about thirteen years ago. This was supposed to, among other things, prevent strep throat infections from occurring. She came down with strep last week. And next week, she is getting her tonsils taken out, again. Because they have grown back. I do not know how common that is, but apparently, they didn't quite get all of them the first time, and so over the last thirteen years, they have rebudded, and grown back in completely.

Oh, and Ryan's is having a 'mexican butfet' every 'wednes' after 4pm. Go get some Butfet. I'm sure it's crunchy or something.

Confucius say...

I listen to sports radio. Today, they played a clip from Mike Tyson, who was talking about his training regiment. Mike said blahblahblah "... I'm training confuciusly..." blah blah blah. I dont know what that means. But it ranks right up there with Tonya Harding, when she said "I'm not going to make a skeptical of my boxing career."

September 22, 2004


"Jam tomorrow, jam yesterday, but never jam today." Lewis Carroll obviously did not live in a modern urban area where I look out my window at 10 am and see that traffic has already come to a standstill. Jam? Always.

I don't know why I keep going back to Kentucky Fried Chicken, but I do. I suppose I like the chicken, and possibly the randomness of service I get there is enough to satisfy my ennui for an afternoon. I can go to the same KFC, and get the exact same meal, sometimes from the same register-worker and still pay an amount that will vary each trip by as much $1.11. It really doesn't make sense to me. Or to them, I guess.

And let us rewelcome Jessy back to the loop. It's almost like she never left. Except that her site has completely changed.

September 23, 2004

Long live the Twinkie

Today is a sad, sad day. The Interstate Bakery Company has officially filed for bankruptcy. To those that are unaware, this is the company that actually makes the immortal Twinkie.
- The Twinkie, which fueled our active, if misspent, formative years.
- The Twinkie, which was once filled with banana cream, until a banana shortage in World War II caused a new filling to be introduced.
- The Twinkie, with a half-life longer than a tortoise.

Go have a Twinkie for lunch. If everyone buys cases of them, then maybe Interstate will be able to pull through. If not, I'm sure Mrs Baird or someone will buy the Twinkie rights, but that's no reason to not go out RIGHT NOW and make a Twinkie Weiner Sandwich for yourself, and all your co-workers and friends. (Twinkie Weiner Sandwich: Slit open a Twinkie, insert a cooked hot dog, top with Cheez Whiz. Consume.)

Jess needs to name the baby in honor of the Twinkie. It would be right and proper. Viva la Twinkie!

Public Service Announcement

I received an email today from Blogstapo Returnswithavengence, I copy it here in its entirety for you all:
"the blogstapo would like to inform all members of the WDWitEU that the
blogstapo is very unsatisfied with infrequent postings. while
WDWitEU only requires weeky posts. blogstapo requires more. the
blogstapo will pester those who post too infrequently. this initial
communication is sent to the all powerful phlome so that he may share
this information with the rest of the WDWitEU so that they may
consider themselves warned.


please share the above communication with the WDWitEU.

--theblogstaporeturns withavengance"

Do with it what you will. The Blogstapo is bored I think, so I'd recommend trying to get in at least two postings per calendar work week.

September 27, 2004

Wedding weekend

The weekend was packed. My younger brother got married Saturday, so Ninsi and I went to OK for the big thing. The Squid, and her cousin, were candlelighters for the ceremony, and her other cousin was an Usher.

We arrived Friday at my older brother's house and changed clothes for the rehearsal. Everyone made it to the church on time, except the bride and groom. The bride was harried, to say the least. Acutally, she evoked visions of the tv show 'Bridezilla' more than anything. Six Bridesmaids, six groomsmen, a pair of ushers, a pair of candlelighters, the ever more popular four sets of parents, and sundry other relatives and guests. It was quite a production. Rehearsal dinner was at "Pete's Place'. One of the Italian restaurants in Krebs. Ninsi managed to let herself get pulled into setting up the projector so that the happy couple's video could be shown to everyone at dinner. It didn't go very well, but she did persevere beautifully.

The wedding was supposed to begin at 6 pm on Saturday, so we had to be at the church by 4:30 in order to get the Squid there for pictures and everything. I somehow got pegged by the photographer to be her assistant's helper monkey. I stole my way outside to avoid as much of that as I could. We watched one of the groomsmen drive up and finish off his beer in the car before he went into the church, and his date never once appeared sober. Eventually, the time came around for everything to start, and apart from the Squid nearly pulling down a pillar on top of the alter when her shoe got caught in some netting while lighting candles, everything went pretty smoothly.

The reception was pretty huge too. There were probably more than 200 people at the wedding ceremony itself. But I'd guess more than 300 were at the reception. It was an open bar, with live band, and a dj, and a couple of kegs of beer on tap. There was an ice sculpture, 4 tier wedding cake, and an OU shaped groom's cake. None of the bridesmaids were sober. People were calling in random friends to come take advantage of the free liqour (which Ninsi couldn't get because they didn't believe she was over 21). I saw cousins and other people that I haven't seen in 15+ years, and at least one girl that lived across the street from me in 1978-79 or so. It was a good time, I'd say. The Squid danced her little heart out as soon as she was able to lose the fru-fru dress. She and the cousin did a lot of running around in the dresses anyway.

Sunday, Little Brother and his new wife were scheduled to fly out of DFW to begin their honeymoon. So the reception actually ended at a decent hour (11 pm) They were planning to go to the Dominican Republic, but since it is underwater right now, they changed their plans to a couples only resort in Cancun. Anyway, he called me on his way to Dallas asking about airport parking, and we made arrangements for him to park at the house, and Zero would take them on to the airport. While Ninsi, the Squid, and I are eating lunch in Eufaula, Little Brother calls me and says his suv has broken down in Dallas. The drive shaft fell out of the rear end. Fortunately, they had made it to within about 20 minutes of the house, and Zero was able to save their honeymoon by going to get them, and getting them to the airport in time to make their flight. Props to Zero for being so cool about it, and probably saving my brother from having a honeymoon on his couch. Ninsi and I took the Squid to meet her mom, and evetually made our way to Dallas. We went straight over to where the breakdown had occurred and Zero met us there with the keys. A tow truck showed up and we got it towed to my new sister-in-laws apartment complex since it was only a couple miles away. (i guess she's a sister in law: the sister of my brothers wife?) It's out of my hands now, but we'll probably have to take Little Brother and Wife back to OK next weekend.

So, that pretty much sums it up I think. We finally made it home, and settled in a little. The Wedding Head Index for Ninsi was pretty high all weekend, and probably will be a few days in leveling off again. I'll do what I can to weather the storm.

I may put up a couple pictures. Some of the Squid maybe. Maybe a couple of me and my brothers. I'm sure Ninsi will have plenty to say about the weekend as well. I may put up more later as it comes to me, but that's the highlights.

September 29, 2004

Home is where the Infomart is

I had planned on posting yesterday, but never had the time. A large part of the day was spent driving back and forth to the Infomart.
I got up, and went out there because one of our servers is having issues. I did what I could, and came home, figuring I'd head out to the office around lunchtime. But no, the server died again, so I went back out to the infomart, and took lunch around there, and then came home again. About the time I got home, my dad called, and asked if I had a cordless drill. He needed it to try to fix my brother's truck (see the previous blog entry about the wedding for what was wrong with it). As I was about to head to Richardson with tools, my boss called to let me know I needed to go back to the Infomart to try some new drivers. So, up to Richardson to drop off the tools where they still are, and then to the Infomart. Did what I had to do, and left around 5. Got home, was starting to relax, and I get a text message wondering if I could buy a new switch, and take that to the Infomart later. Also, my dad finished with the tools, so brother's truck should be drivable now. Ninsi and I went to dinner, then I hit CompUSA, bought a switch, and back to the Infomart I went. I finally got home again around 9:30 and managed to catch Ninsi in a seamstress lie.

The server is still not working this morning, so I'm sitting at the house trying to figure out if I should just go on to the Infomart, or head to the office for a while first. I know I'll be going out there eventually, I'm just not sure if it will be today.

Limited time offer

Just a few quick photos from the wedding this weekend.

Te Squid with her hair done for the wedding. Squid is the taller one, the other is her cousin. Also a candlelighter.

The dresses.

Non-ceremony action.

Ninsi doing a Pepsi spot...

Me, my little brother (the groom), our dad, and my older brother. The pictures make me look a little thin, I think. I dont know if it's the pictures, or if I actually need to bulk up some.

September 30, 2004


Just. Too. Busy.
Ive spent the last two days at the Infomart, and finally managed to make it to the office today. I chose - poorly. There's a lot not working, and it is slow going getting it all together again. Not that being at the Infomart would be bettter. Just there I have one thing to focus on, and not a bunch of things. Not much need for me to be out there now though, since I can access it from here now.

There is also a chance that my brother is coming back today from his honeymoon. We really don't know. I have contacted the airline enough to know that a flight left and will be arriving at DFW around 1 pm, so if he is on that flight, I can expect a call before two. Of course, he may not be coming back til Saturday. No one really seems to know. If I haven't heard something by 2, I'll assume he's coming in Saturday. He'll have to wait until the OU game is over before I go to the airport though, in that case. But it is an early game and I think he may be on a later flight that day. We'll see.

Back to it...

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