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This will probably be the last entry til next Tuesday or so. I could do something tomorrow, but I will have to spend most of the day making sure that everything is packed, and sitting by the phone (metaphorically since it's cellular) waiting for Ninsi to call and say "Go here, get this thing I need."

She has threatened to audioblog from Atlanta, and Zero is probably going to photoblog. Me? I'm taking the high road, and not blogging at all. I figure if I can't remember it well enough to talk about it next Tuesday then the last thing I will need is a painful reminder in the form of an audio clip or digital pic. If you think I'm being silly, then remember "En Fukken Para Dukken." That really says it all, right?

Our good friend, Reptile, was supposed to drive up to Atlanta from Orlando and party through the weekend with us. With the Hurricane Frances looming, however, that is starting to look like it may not happen. I think that the proper protocol in a cast like that is to proceed forth valiantly and drink enough achohol for all those comrades that are weather delayed. Yes, I think that is the plan. Friday night, must drink at least enough for two. Maybe more.

Last year, I think we returned from DragonCon with about 500 pictures between us all. A precious few have seen all of those. I believe I posted 22 online in total. It will likely be a similar figure on both counts this year as well.

Til next week. Safe holiday all.

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have fun! do something nerdy for me since i didn't get to go this year. maybe next year.

you should start saving up now, seriously - we started a fun fund last year right after dragon con specifically for dragon con (and other fun activities).
Tickets to dragon con $50 each
Plane tickets $200 each
Hotel room for the weekend $250
Getting to dress up all weekend long and party with your fellow geeks $priceless


Hmmm....maybe next year....I'll be in High Cotton by then, maybe.

Ninsi, what the hell was that picture all about?

Scary shit.


I was drunk and making faces at the camera, not one of my personal high points.


Wow, and it's Zero by a landslide!

Have fun guys; I'll try not to break anything this weekend.


If memory serves, that was a weird party anyway.

I think my memory failed me a couple hours into that party. All I have left is the pictures.


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