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Assimilation to be continued at a later date

Just a quick note for the observant. Channel-Zero has been temporarily deactivated in the webring. Zero is on vacation, so he will not be gracing us with any new content until Sunday at best. Reactivation will occur then. Until that time, I thought I'd save us all the hassle of that one extra click we would have to endure to get through the stagnant site. I would do no less for any of you...

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You are a pillar to society.

the blog is becoming lame and slow as of late. The blagstapo may have to return to it's roots, and stop being so darn nice. Remember when the blogstapo used to warn people who didn't blog before noon? yeah - back to their nazi-esque roots.


I meant to blog last night, I really did.


Halo, why can't you guest blog for Zero? Or get your own blog?

this from a woman that dresses in feaux leopard skin?

i don't THINK so.

i'm out of town, and i manage - yet again - to stay connected to the crew.

over dialup no less.

there ought to be a sort of meritorious service medal for blogging under fire whatever. i'd be a cinch to win it.

but even if i wasn't, it'd still be cool to have.

why don't we start a wdwiteu blogger of the month award, for best blog, or most arduous blogging conditions survived or something.

there would need to be fabulous prizes, or some form of recognizable [and more importantly, covetable] mad props.

perhaps a bit of well-crafted html that the BOTM [pronounced 'bottom' of course] could proudly display on his or her main index, then pass the mantle to the next months winner.

what does bunny think? separatist/elitist enough for her?



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