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Can I help you?

When's the last time your management made an unreasonable request of you? Well, that's too long. Our management has toys they don't know how to use because they can afford them. We don't have them, and yet, are expected to know how to work them. And teach them how to work it.
Moving on to nothing else, we have on our left some stuff that happened somewhere else to other people.
Cassini is still beeping away happily, but seriously, there is little to discuss going on in the Land of Notival.
Work is fairly consuming these days.
I think the foreigners that hit the blog need to leave comments. Or at least the non-foreigners that happen to be in overseas countries at the moment.
I'm indifferent to Bone Daddy's tonight.
Okay, that was almost funny. The 'talent coordinator' girl just about tripped over a snot rag someone left in the middle of the hall. Rather disturbing though that the stotrag is there.
ramble ramble
don't bring me down, bruce.

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ugh, i hate that song. and now i'm going to have it stuck in my head all day.


I heard ELO!

That was supposed to say heart.


But excuse please while I go change my Current Earworm, thanks to Phlome. Neko too - maybe I wouldn't have gotten it if you hadn't.


I have no idea what song you're referring to.

And how does one trip over a tissue?


Oh goddammit. Fucking ELO.

I actually screamed and yelled when I was told about us having to show management how to use thier new toys.


the oblique references to toys...

do tell.

are these electric corncobs with 'batteries not included' fine-print on the back of the package giving the management types such a hard fucking time?

or something a little more high tech perhaps?

laser pointers?

linux pda's?

voip phones?

you're driving us [geeks] nuts over here wondering what these mysterious toys could possibly be...



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