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Ed = Stench

There was a countywide vote this weekend. Each city voted whether or not it wanted to allow the sale of beer, wine, and malt liquor within city limits. Irving, being the stalewart dry city, voted down the measure by a two to one margin. Grand Prairie, on the other hand, approved it. This means that we will soon not have to drive very far at all to satisfy our alchoholic needs. We will still have to drive though, and that's a bummer. Zero has a little propaganda thing we got in the mail trying to sway us to the 'Nay' vote. Basically saying that allowing the sale of beer, wine, and malt liquor ("known on the street as 'liquid crack'") would bring with it winos, crack-hos, vagrants, and loiterers. I suspect that Grand Prairie can get a store built on the border with Irving withing two weeks.

Not much else happened this weekend. Ninsi was out of town, so Saturday I resurrected my Warhammer 40k ways with Donut. And watched just an ass-load of football. OU won, Dallas lost, Redskins won. And it was good. I also decided to start painting again. Finish paiting my Dark Eldar rather. I only have to do three Raiders and it will be done. Though, I'd like to add another nine Wyches to the mix. This post is getting geekier by the word, so I'll stop now.

Oh, if you see one of these on the road, be sure to flip off the driver, slash the tires, key the paint, or engage in whatever form of disobedience you deem necessary to let them know that something that big should not be on the road as a personal vehicle. Ever.

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Have you noticed that all of the new "lifestyle" alcohols are made out of malt liquor? What may look like Jack and Coke, or Vodka with lime, is almost always tasteless Malt Liquor + flavors + marketing. I remember when Malt Liquor meant one thing, that Lando Calrissian was one fly ass sabacc player, but like the deal that would have keep Cloud City pure, today's idea of malt liquor is nothing but a dirty mind trick of the Sith.


I thought it was syrup sipping that was liquid crack?


Hmm, maybe it's crack that's solid malt liquor?

That shit makes my stomach hurt when I drink a lot of it. I wonder if it creates ulsers. I bet it does.

um, dre, how does one define 'a lot' of malt liquor?

would that be more than one '40'?

is it possible you're just not doing it right?

properly done, the ritual goes as follows:

open the 40.

take a swig.

say 'some for me'.

spill a little.

say 'and some for my homies'.


this ensures that the most you might actually imbibe is say, 25/40ths of a 40.

which means that if you drink two, you've really only consumed just slightly more than one.

okay, let's call a spade a spade - 1.25 40's.

it ^looks^ like you've drank alot of malt liquor, but you have in fact offered up a significant portion of it to absent friends.

not unlike spilling a few drops of hot sake as an offering to the rice gods.

okay. very unlike that, but you know what i mean.

oh, and titfos, does that mean that i didn't miss much by being in the midst of a six-year hiatus from boozing when 'zima' hit the liquor store shelves?



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