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Forgot the Strawberry

I neglected Strawberry Shortcake when I created the poll yesterday. So I will add her and any late voters will have her as an option. Granted, she doesn't fit in quite the same genre as the other girls, but she's a whole lot hotter than Rainbow Bright.

Not much else going on. Trying to get stuff somewhat organized for the Big Move in a couple weeks. The woman has been sick and stayed at home yesterday and half of today. I might update some more after while, but all I got now would be stuff about Warhammer 40k and shit. Not to many want to hear about that, so we'll leave it for a bit.

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Big Move?

i only have a faint inkling of who Strawberry Shortcake is, but i agree that she's out-genre'd by a pretty wide margin.

in point of fact, if you're gonna add Strawberry, you might as well re-do the whole poll and add Little Debbie so we all have a chance to vote again with a wider field.

Anyone? Rebuttal?



Strawberry Shortcake begs the issue of Barbie, then Bratz.

The Big Move is here at work. Everyone from the first floor is moving up to the fourth floor. As are a few people from the second floor. That will probably start in a week or two.

now bunny, that's just getting out of hand and ridiculous.

especially since there are more diffent barbies and bratwursts than you can shake a bag of kittens at. [thanks for the image neko..]

next someone will chime in and want to add smurfs and then the english bimbos that had dolls made of themselves. the spice cakes or whatever they were called.

fairy tale heroines, little debbie, strawberry shortcake and if you REALLY want to push it, 'dawn' should comprise our voting universe.

though some of you may not be old enough to remember 'dawn' - she was to barbie what 'action jackson' was to g.i. joe...half-sized, and unique, in that there was only one 'dawn' and one 'action jackson' figure.

some of the more wizened amongst the wdwiteu membership may recall the 'action jackson' film - with what's his name...carl weathers.


make that 'non-princess fairy tale heroines.

onaccounta [as the almighty phlome has already graciously pointed out] the princesses are widely acknowledged to be a bunch of effing whores, ergo disqualified from the contest.

[on the grounds that they'd lose their crowns once the videos and/or photos were released to the general public, or published in the sort of magazine one doesn't leave on the coffee table.]



You refer to Smurfs, you suffer Donnie Darko quotes. Let this be your only and therefore final warning.

Sorry, but that won't fly. Smurfs were around long, long before DD. One can smurf all they want without having to suffer.

phlome, i agree with you in principle.

but if you look to the content of what you just wrote, and not the concept, it's well, more than a little oxymoronic.

don't you find?



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