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Home is where the Infomart is

I had planned on posting yesterday, but never had the time. A large part of the day was spent driving back and forth to the Infomart.
I got up, and went out there because one of our servers is having issues. I did what I could, and came home, figuring I'd head out to the office around lunchtime. But no, the server died again, so I went back out to the infomart, and took lunch around there, and then came home again. About the time I got home, my dad called, and asked if I had a cordless drill. He needed it to try to fix my brother's truck (see the previous blog entry about the wedding for what was wrong with it). As I was about to head to Richardson with tools, my boss called to let me know I needed to go back to the Infomart to try some new drivers. So, up to Richardson to drop off the tools where they still are, and then to the Infomart. Did what I had to do, and left around 5. Got home, was starting to relax, and I get a text message wondering if I could buy a new switch, and take that to the Infomart later. Also, my dad finished with the tools, so brother's truck should be drivable now. Ninsi and I went to dinner, then I hit CompUSA, bought a switch, and back to the Infomart I went. I finally got home again around 9:30 and managed to catch Ninsi in a seamstress lie.

The server is still not working this morning, so I'm sitting at the house trying to figure out if I should just go on to the Infomart, or head to the office for a while first. I know I'll be going out there eventually, I'm just not sure if it will be today.

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seamstress lie??

ok, so i am reformatting my site and i can't get the WDWITEU link where i want it. i want it right above my blogroll links, but when i paste it there in the HMTL screen, it puts a GAZILLION spaces before and after it. any ideas?

seamstress lie:

I was finishing up sewing the zipper on the skirt for my halloween costume. I had already sewn the hood together (cuz it was really easy, I'm gonna try to finish the cape tonight). I called phlome cuz I hadn't heard from him. He said he was on his way home. I said, I got the hood and skirt done. I hung up, lined up the skirt, was about to press the foot peddal and he walked in the door. Ok, so I lied. I said the skirt was done, when in fact it would be done in 10 mins. *sigh* I didn't think , "i'm in my way home" meant, I'm pulling into the driveway. No harm no foul, he never would have known the difference had he been honest w/ me.

I was honest with you. I said "I'll be home real quick," and I meant it. I was only a block away. You are the one that said "The skirt is done."


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