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"Jam tomorrow, jam yesterday, but never jam today." Lewis Carroll obviously did not live in a modern urban area where I look out my window at 10 am and see that traffic has already come to a standstill. Jam? Always.

I don't know why I keep going back to Kentucky Fried Chicken, but I do. I suppose I like the chicken, and possibly the randomness of service I get there is enough to satisfy my ennui for an afternoon. I can go to the same KFC, and get the exact same meal, sometimes from the same register-worker and still pay an amount that will vary each trip by as much $1.11. It really doesn't make sense to me. Or to them, I guess.

And let us rewelcome Jessy back to the loop. It's almost like she never left. Except that her site has completely changed.

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last time i ordered a 16 piece, they only gave me 12 onaccounta they knew that i lived five or more miles away and wouldn't bother coming back to complain.

also they didn't give me as many drumsticks as i'd asked for.

kfc are part of a conspiracy theory thingy.



I don't get KFC versus, say, Popeye's. Popeye's is so much spicier.

Hey, and since you both practically work down the street, you should go to Babe's Chicken Dinner House sometime. It's in Roanoke or one of those weird little places up yonder from you. Damn good fried chicken.

you're assuming that we actually like fried chicken. me, i could take it or leave it.

the wifebot loves it. she's got this mantra - the one from 'fifth element' - 'chickKEN!' [just like the girl in the movie said it] that she repeats over and over on the way to KFC to pick up a bucket of drumsticks and thighs. [she only eats drumsticks, and I'm a thigh man]

but, as you may have seen posted summeres else, if i'm gonna eat fried chicken, i need a halopeeno to squeeze halopeeno juice onto it.


you know what's good fried chicken, cuz the batter is really plain jane [no seasonings other than salt and pepper to speak of] but it's yummy cuz the chicken is good and cooked properly?

i don't remember the name of the joint, but it's at the corner of Gaston & Fitzhugh. Yum. [if you're gonna eat chicken fried.]

I've been KFC'ing lately too, been quite fond of their Twister Wrap lately.

As for the Jam, the sad thing is that strech is jamed everyday, I'll be driving home 2:00 in the afternoon on a saturday and sitting in traffic in that area. it sucks. I blame it on all the god damn houses they've puzzled together in this area.

The other sad part about the jam is that it's unexplainable. Not a crash, fire, police car, not a git'dam'ting! except for stupid ass drivers that are affraid of a hill. or something.

Gaston and Fitzhugh. Oh Lord, knats, your culinary proclivities will get a gal shot. Just drag wifebot and bebebot to Babe's for fabu chicken and unbelievable biscuits, will ya?


hey, they do that sneaky price thing with us at the kfc here as well. is that in the training video or something?
"price things randomly. keep your customers on their toes. mysterious prices keep them coming back! everyone loves a mystery!"


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