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Jerry = The Prey

"We're here, we're here, doesn't anyone want to give a cheer?"

DragonCon 2004 was a swimming success, I'd say. Even with our flight being delayed by more than an hour, both ways. There was a lot of drinking. And then we drank some more. Though, I don't think we drank quite as much as the girl that passed out in the elevator lobby Saturday night, and would up passed out in Zero's bed, and eventually got wheeled back to her room wearing my shirt.

I commited a cardinal sin while there.
but I didn't mean to

What sin? I got more photo requests than Ninsi! I think the exact quote from her was close to "no one is paying attention to my boobs!" That was the second night, when I was Grandpa Head Man. It was a huge hit. I hadn't been wearing it ten minutes when The Atlanta Channel (or something like that) decided I was supa-cool enough to interview.

I think I got too much attention Friday night as well, but that is her own fault. She wouldn't let me wear a shirt.

I'm not going to get sexx0rs for years now. le sigh.

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no, it was: "no one is paying attention to my cleavage" *pout*

quote from D*Con '04
Interview lady: "Thank you for the interview, now will you say 'You're watching the Atlanta Channel'"
Phlome: "I'm watching the Atlanta Channel"
Interview Lady: "No, '*You're* watching the Atlanta Channel'"
Phlome: "*I'm* watching the Atlanta Channel"
Ninsi comes over
Ninsi: "Say 'You're'", not 'I'm'"
Phlome: "Oh" laughs and looks back at the camera:
"You're watching the Atlanta Channel"

Much giggling ensued.


Wow, this whole internet thing is very cool. My friends and I met the two of you a few days ago at dragoncon. I was the "punk rock geisha" We partied for a sec and we lost you two. Ninsi, beautiful girl you are,( I WAS paying attention to your boobs) and props to you notival?? for the grampy head suit. Hope to see you two next year!
Keep in touch if it tickles your fancies: inked_flesh@hotmail.com

Hey Shellina! Yeah, we remember you. We realized when we got back, and were going through all the pictures that we have one of you from Saturday night, and then a couple on Sunday when you were Geisha. If you'd like copies, I can send them to you. I'm not sure how much boob it shows, but there is one with you and Ninsi...


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