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Limited time offer

Just a few quick photos from the wedding this weekend.

Te Squid with her hair done for the wedding. Squid is the taller one, the other is her cousin. Also a candlelighter.

The dresses.

Non-ceremony action.

Ninsi doing a Pepsi spot...

Me, my little brother (the groom), our dad, and my older brother. The pictures make me look a little thin, I think. I dont know if it's the pictures, or if I actually need to bulk up some.

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that one doesn't make you look nearly as thin as the other one. your lil bro's oversized jacket makes him look bigger. we need a pic of you standing next to your big bro - closer to proportionate sizes.


Been a while since I've seen that little girl... she's looking good.

She needs to come to TX for another visit. Like, to the fair. We'd have a great time! You could stay home, though. I know you don't like fair-type things.

No one noticed that I had on a dinosaur tie, or that my older brother had on a heiroglyphics tie, which I supplied.


aww...cute squid.
what in the hell kind of superhero get ups are she and the cousin wearing in the hair picture?

Those are a pair of the shirts that she brought to me. A Hulk, a Spiderman, and a Batman. I made them wear one so they would be able to get their hair done, and just be able to unbutton the shirt. Neither of them had a button up shirt to wear to the salon.


ah....that makes so much more sense than anything i could think of.


Hi it is meeee


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