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Long live the Twinkie

Today is a sad, sad day. The Interstate Bakery Company has officially filed for bankruptcy. To those that are unaware, this is the company that actually makes the immortal Twinkie.
- The Twinkie, which fueled our active, if misspent, formative years.
- The Twinkie, which was once filled with banana cream, until a banana shortage in World War II caused a new filling to be introduced.
- The Twinkie, with a half-life longer than a tortoise.

Go have a Twinkie for lunch. If everyone buys cases of them, then maybe Interstate will be able to pull through. If not, I'm sure Mrs Baird or someone will buy the Twinkie rights, but that's no reason to not go out RIGHT NOW and make a Twinkie Weiner Sandwich for yourself, and all your co-workers and friends. (Twinkie Weiner Sandwich: Slit open a Twinkie, insert a cooked hot dog, top with Cheez Whiz. Consume.)

Jess needs to name the baby in honor of the Twinkie. It would be right and proper. Viva la Twinkie!

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whether she uses the name or not, I think we dub the new fishie "Twinkie" at least via blog...

Aye, Twinkie it be then!

Twinkie weiner sandwich? are you for real? has anyone actually attempted that and liked it?


tar ye a pigtail, Twinkie, ye flea-festered whelp.

and fetch yer capn anuder flagon o grog.



You missed TLaPD by 5 days, knats.


A lot of "Baking" companies are going out of business because of the low-carb BS insanity the US is rolling in recently. There are a lot of different kinds of Bankruptcy though, I hope the Twinky companie's is a "good one".

Did I hear someone say grog? Has someone been playing Monkey Island?

yes, you did hear someone say grog.

and no, someone that said 'grog' has not been playing monkey island.

someone that said grog just happens to know the real history of grog.

and would happily share it with his [or phlome's] devoted readership on request.


btw hag, in certain circles [obviously not the ones YOU'RE invited to participate in] it's ALWAYS TLaPD.



Fortunately, I can move in many circles.

Iyam chameleon man.



Please enlighten us with the story of grog......

right. the grog story. briefly:

captain grog of the old wooden ship-era royal british navy got tired and disgusted of his crews squirreling away their daily rum-rations until 'rope-yarn sunday' so they could tie on a package. [rowdiness, bawdiness, brawls, etc. were the usual undesirable by-products of having bunches of drunken sailors in close proximity - particularly at sea.]

[Rope Yarn Sunday, btw, was actually usually held on Wednesdays at sea. It was a half-holiday given the men to attend to mending and repairing of their clothing and other personal effects. They just called it 'sunday' due to the holiday nature of the occasion.]

Anyway, Grog experimented with solutions to the problem probably to a greater extent than any other captain of his day.

He withheld Rope Yarn Sunday declarations. [they weren't held EVERY wednesday anyway - only at the captain's pleasure] - but the sailors garments fell into such a state of disrepair, and morale suffered greatly.

He'd have the quartermaster force the lads to drink and swallow their tot of rum upon issue, or deny the crew their daily ration altogether.

The former method was only marginally successful - as sailors determined to save enough rum for a good drunk would pretend to swallow it, but save enough of it to put some by for later.

The latter method led to several near-mutinies. One does not go lightly into a decision to withold a british sailor's daily ration of rum. At least, in those days one didn't.

What Grog discovered [likely with the aid of an industrious Quartermaster] was that rum would sour and be rendered all but undrinkable within a few hours of being watered down.

So Grog formulated a mix of water & rum to be issued to sailors in lieue of the undiluted stuff - which made it a near-certainty that it'd be consumed in a more timely manner, and reduce drunken brawls on Rope Yarn Sundays.

Naturally, the beverage came to be named after its inventor. Much like the Alabama Slammer.



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