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Mooney has requested entry into WDWitEU ring. I dont think they quite meet the requirements as set forth under the rules. They might auto-qualify under Rule #4, but having not yet seen a picture, I can't ascertain if they are fucking hot or not. Ergo, we shall have a vote. Please only vote once, and only vote if you are a current ring member. I will be checking IPs to keep it honest. If you want to comment privately to me, use the poll comments. Only I see those.

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She thinks Neko is a guy, and has only linked to her blog. Thumbs down.


Also, we'll need photographic proof of hotness I think. Neko mentions her boyfriend/husband alot, you would think that would clue Mooney in. I'll have to vote no until we get it straightened out.


so, mooney thinks i'm a gay man. i find it hard that anyone could get that impression. i'm pretty bitchy.
i also vote no, while appreciating the link all the same. how's that for hypocrisy?


*shrug* The Neko thing is a little confusing. Hell, is NGF even part of WDWitEU? Probably forgot to fill out the paperwork...

What we really need are some hot rock-climbing girls.


There are 4 Rules? What's the other one?

shit cool, fn hot, know someone, and......

Eh, must have blog. must blog regularly, etc. I think there is like 7-8 'guidelines' in total. Non-gf is not in the ring. She never requested it.

Would you settle for hot rock-climbing girls that didnt climb rocks, Hag?


HAg give a shout next time your in OK I know a couple of hot rock climbing girls.


Unfortunately, Halo, the odds of me going to OK are pretty slim :)

I know a few, too, either they're already taken or recently moved to Baltimore.

Phlome said: "would you settle for hot rock-climbing girls that didnt climb rocks, Hag?"

This makes no sense to me.

'hot rock-climbing girls that didnt climb rocks' could also be written as simply 'hot girls.'

fn hot bloggers that don't blog +/- = fn hot rock climbers that don't climb rocks.

what part of that didn't you understand Hag?

owing to the fact that she thinks neko is a dude, AND that she's not really old enough to REALLY dig Andy Warhol [which leads me to believe she's just going for the 'old vote' vis-a-vis general acceptance of her blogsite] i gotta back up the 'NO' contingent here.

plus she tried to bastardize my surname and couldn't even spell it properly.

pfeh. [which does in fact include the dismissive, barely perceptable head-wag]


fuckin aye.

did some putz vote 'yes' just on the off CHANCE that's she's fn hot?

had to have been zero.


neko, were you being ironic?

how many non-bitchy gay men have you known?

[ooh. this is almost painful]




i meant to say 'ironical'



heh...point well taken, knats.
but still...i don't come across as a guy, right? i can't make that make sense to myself.


How can they be rock-climbing and not rock-climbing? It's a juxtaposition! I don't think I spelled that right...


Neko, FWIW, I don't think you "come off as a guy".

I for one can vouge that Neko is definitely not a guy! She so happens to be one of the hottest gals in the group! Just dream i can meet her in person sometime :(

I have to vote "no", also. I don't see any real reason to admit her to the ring. Now, granted, I am an irregular blogger, and I don't claim to provide substance in my posts (at least, not often,) but I just -- well,-- I just didn't dig her. I also kind of suspect that she only applied for membership to have one more tag on her sidebar proclaiming her to be a well-connected blog. I find this flimsy and presumptive.
And anyone who doesn't know that Neko is most certainly a member of the feminine conspiracy has definetly not been paying attention.

and Hag, I think the word you are looking for is "oxymoron". I think. Maybe not, but it's still a good word.

over beers with zero last night, i wondered out loud if maybe we weren't being elitist, separatist pigs.

then i wondered out loud which of the cast of thousands voted 'yes' on the off chance that moony was in fact, fn hot.

then we kind of agreed that even if rule 4 were satisfied, that the wee chica just had too much else stacked against her.

nobody else knows who she is.

and she seems to have this nekobsession thing going where she references neko's blog all the time, only comments on neko's blog and no one elses from the wdwiteu, etc.

we've already been over the gender blunder, so i won't beat THAT to death again except to say 'no neko. you do not come across as a guy. not even a gay guy. definite feminine vibe there.'

Hag, if this helps, KT is a member of the ring. She has a blog, but never posts. She could be referred to more often than not as a blogger than doesn't blog.

I know girls who ride horses that don't ride horses.

I'm a scuba diver that doesn't dive, and to a lesser extent, a climber that doesn't climb. [other than the occassional scramble out at mineral wells]

So surely there are rock climbing GIRLS that don't rock climb - quite possibly fn hot ones.

Yes, it is an oxymoron. But it's one of the few that make sense. I think.



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