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Next up, Halloween

The first half of the year generally sucks for holidays. You really don't have much outside of Memorial Day. Everything is packed into the last few months. We have just completed a successful Labor Day, and next month, we have Halloween coming up. Parties are a must. As are costumes. Do I wear what I have? Or do I work on something else? Do Ninsi and I collaborate on a costume set?

In the meantime, I'm trying to decide what to do with the grandpa heads jacket. Do I keep it and wear it on Halloween? Do I try to sell it as the "one and only Grandpa Head jacket - as seen at Dragcon 2004", on Ebay? It's pretty damn bulky, so I'll probably get rid of it one way or another before Christmas.

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I think you have Memorial day and Labor Day reveresed.

Yes, yes I did.

you spent $25 on the heads (including shipping) another 25 or so on velcro (failed) glue gun and glue sticks, and the jacket. So the bare bones value of it is at least $50. But then you have to calculate in the time you spent gluing (and regluing) the heads to the jacket. So you should get at least $100 out of it. Especially if you can show photos of all the hot girls that wanted pics w/ you because of it.

I liked the Ebay idea... shit.. helloween.. what am I to do.. anyone got any ideas for a big guy? email me the ideas dre@demigoblin.com

I've thought of somethin', may need Ninsi's help with it though....

so what kind of help will be required....


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