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Otto = The Knowitall

Ninsi mentioned the car we saw on Friday night that literally burst into flames shortly after we had passed it by. I'm sure it scared the Hell out of more than a few people when it went from a little bitty fire right under the car, to being totally engulfed by flames. It was one of those things that's cool to see for everyone not actually involved with the incident itself.

On the way home Friday, I had not even made it to the highway yet, traffic was starting to back up because there had been an pretty severe accident at the intersection of the street I was on, and the highway access road. I watched a Careflight chopper land while I was waiting to go, and as I got closer, I saw that a second chopper had already landed. So it was 2 helicopters, 2 ambulances, 4 police cruisers, and 1 fire engine. A couple busted-ass cars more than completed the mix.

This morning on the way to work, I think I was about thirty seconds behind a wreck. Traffic hadn't slowed to much, but was starting too. When I passed it, people were starting to get out of their cars. The mini-coop I think is probably totalled, but everyone looked like they weren't majorly injured. The mini started to smoke as I went by it, but it wasn't the black smoke of fire. Just the white smoke of a busted radiator.

My weekend was spent playing Fable. And painting some. Almost done with the Raiders now. Oh, and since Ohknats asked, the new toys were PDA phones they wanted synced up with their email and contact lists.

The rest of the week will be spent slowing cleaning the house, and getting ready to go to OK for the weekend. My baby brudder is getting hitched this weekend.


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