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Just. Too. Busy.
Ive spent the last two days at the Infomart, and finally managed to make it to the office today. I chose - poorly. There's a lot not working, and it is slow going getting it all together again. Not that being at the Infomart would be bettter. Just there I have one thing to focus on, and not a bunch of things. Not much need for me to be out there now though, since I can access it from here now.

There is also a chance that my brother is coming back today from his honeymoon. We really don't know. I have contacted the airline enough to know that a flight left and will be arriving at DFW around 1 pm, so if he is on that flight, I can expect a call before two. Of course, he may not be coming back til Saturday. No one really seems to know. If I haven't heard something by 2, I'll assume he's coming in Saturday. He'll have to wait until the OU game is over before I go to the airport though, in that case. But it is an early game and I think he may be on a later flight that day. We'll see.

Back to it...

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hi me

Go Squid! :)


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